A Full List of DIY E-liquid Terms: Learn the Lingo

The world of DIY e-liquid mixing can be some what intimidating when you first dive in. You’re instantly greeted with a ton of new ingredients, big-named compounds like Acetyl Pyrazine or Diacetyl, and lots of internal lingo that mixers have adapted over the years. So when you’re first coming in, it’s almost like you’re trying to learn a new language! But have no fear, DIYorDIE is here to help you learn the language of the mixologist. In this article, I give you a list of terms and their definitions that you may come across in your days of mixing, that you may be unfamiliar with. Feel free to bookmark this page and use as a reference for future use as well. THIS LIST WILL BE UPDATED OVER TIME (last updated: 9-13-2023). 




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Here’s the full list of DIY e-liquid mixing terms you may come across. Now, the community is always evolving and expanding and I’m sure I’ve already missed some commonly used terms. I will do my best to keep this list updated with everything I come across so you never have to worry about feeling embarrassed because you’re unsure of a specific terminology or word the community is using. If you think I’m missing some terms, feel free to comment them down below so they can get added!


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