Making DIY Pod Recipes | Part 2

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Part 2

This is Part 2 of the “Making DIY Pod Recipes” series, and in this part we will be mixing up a recipe to help you understand how Pod recipes are structured and how they differ from regular DIY e-liquid recipes. If you haven’t watched Part 1, click this link here, to watch the video and read the article. This is needed to understand the most important aspect of making pod recipes, and that’s the main note. Once you’ve finished reading that, you can come back here to mix up some recipes.

Profile Development:

Before we start looking for the type of flavoring to build around, we need an idea of something to vape. In this mix, I’m looking for something minty, and fruity. That’s it. That simple. As soon as we start to make our recipe too complex or too intricate, we will start to compromise on flavor & vape experience. This ultimately hurts the satisfaction from the vape, which is the entire reason we use pods at all! But as mixers, this is sometimes a lot harder than it sounds. It’s very important to remain disciplined and try keeping the profile as streamlined and as malleable as possible to result in the most satisfying and vibrant pod vape.


The blueprint above showcases all of the notes I expect to taste in my mix. I want an Icy / Minty flavor that will act as the main driving flavor, with an accent of Fruit (particularly Mango), followed by a finish of sweetness. Once we have locked in this recipe, we can decided to add an accent or a supporting flavor. But for now, it’s best to keep things as simple as possible. These pods don’t really provide much room for an extensive vape.




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Mango Pod Recipe 

Mango (Indian Special) (FA)4.00
Mango (SC) (FE)10.00
Polar Blast (FA)2.00
Super Sweet (CAP)2.00

Flavor total: 18%



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  1. Hi Wayne, thanks for the great article as always – 3 of your recipes that work great in a pod are Cuprian, Golden Ticket, and Milkboi Banana (Milkboi with TPA Banana Cream and a dash of Super Sweet) – if you have others that you recommend for pod/mtl, I would love to hear more!

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