Making DIY Pod Recipes | Part 1

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Pod-style vapes, or AIO devices, or MTL RTA’s, or even disposables, all are very popular forms of vaping these days that produce a good vape, but capitalize on weight and convenience. It’s understandable why someone would choose to vape a pod over a more flavor-focused specialized devices like a mod with an RDA on top. That ease of use, that portability, all are great ways to deliver the nicotine you need without much of the hassle or knowledge needed to lug around a big mod.

However, what lacks in these devices is flavor and saturation. While some might agree that pod vapes can be satisfying, the level of flavor output compared to something like a Psyclone Mods Hadaly RDA is magnitudes lesser. Because of this, I’ve found that Pod-style e-liquids must be created with much more attention, and a much more specific approach, in order to maximize the efficiency you get from them.




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  1. hello
    I am a Korean viewer.
    I used to use a mod device
    I’m using POD right now.
    but The taste of the diy liquid is too light.
    The same is true even if the flavor ratio is increased to 30%.

    In my opinion, the liquid for POD should contain a strong single flavor
    I think it’s a good idea to use it.

    I found your POD recipe while searching and
    I liked it so much that I signed up for the webpage.
    There were very few recipes.

    Could you please recommend me some strong single flavors products?
    (just like indian west mango)

    thank you

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