ENHANCING Your Candy Vapes

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Bring on the SWEET

Candy vapes are one of, if not THE, most popular profiles on the market. And for good reason. Who doesn’t want to vape their favorite flavor Jolly Rancher? Or take a hit off some deliciously sweet Gummy Worms? The candy profile hits so many markers of what makes a good vape. They’re bright, saturated, syrupy, sweet, chewy, fun, and can be nostalgic. Not only this, but candy vapes also don’t require as much intricate mixing to build. In the video above, I explain some of the best flavorings you can use to help you take your candy vapes to the next level.


Blue Raz Gummy | Video Recipe 

27 Fish (SilverLine) (CAP)2.50
Apple Pop (Flavorah)0.50
Sour Blue Raspberry Candy (WF)4.50
Super Sweet (CAP)0.50
Tart Cherry (CAP)1.00




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