The Most Versatile Fruit Enhancer? CAP Lemon Lime

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CAP Lemon Lime is one of the best enhancing flavors we have at our fingertips. It’s a flavoring that infuses your recipes with bright, tangy, juicy, blasts of citrus, and helps add energy and life. It’s also wonderful for adding a beverage-like twist to your mixes turning things into sodas or lemonades. And also, I find it’s great at “candy-ifying” your recipes as well, aiding the right candy notes in certain mixes. No matter how you use it, it definitely deserves a spot in your mixing arsenal.

Citrus Splash

So the first thing this flavoring does really well is add a citrus splash to your mixes. You might find this unsurprising, but I find it’s not used nearly as much as it should be in recipes. You see, adding a citrus note to certain profiles helps boost those profiles inherently. Similar to adding salt to a steak, citrus often brings out the best in certain fruits and profiles. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pears, boysenberries, blackberries, the list goes on, on flavor profiles that are helped by the addition of Citrus.

So what does CAP Lemon Lime do to help in this situation? CAP Lemon Lime provides a very bright, citric blast. It’s sharp and energetic, so it does really well at livening up a flat mix. Below is an example of a recipe that is benefited from it.

FAForest Fruit1%
CAPLemon Lime0.75%

In this recipe, the blueberry / raspberry / boysenberry blend tastes nice and provides a juicy berry flavor. But the flavors fall a bit flat. Much of the profile lies in the body of the mix, and on the finish, where the top note is a bit lacking. This is where the CAP Lemon Lime comes in. That add of citrus pushes those berry notes towards the top, creating a more full, well-rounded experience. It’s a very, very different mix without CAP Lemon Lime. So with your fruit, candy, or beverage recipes, if you find they lack a bit of a top end, think about adding CAP Lemon Lime to help push those notes towards the top.


The next thing CAP Lemon Lime does really well is to help turn your mix into a beverage. Now CAP Lemon Lime has a strong “Sprite” like flavor. While it does have a bit of “sparkle” or effervescence, it’s main attribute is its soda-like finishing flavor. So opposite of what I’ve shown above, CAP Lemon Lime in this scenario helps provide the bottom of the vape. When we look at sodas and beverages, it’s actually the finish that provides much of the experience. This is why CAP Lemon Lime does really well here. Below is an example

FLVCitrus Soda1%
CAPSweet Strawberry3%
CAPLemon Lime1.5%

The recipe above is meant to act as a Strawberry Pear soda. While the FLV Citrus Soda help provide that soda-like top note, the finish lacks the amount of flavor that helps really round the vape out. CAP Lemon Lime in this scenario fits itself right in that spot, while also providing that citrus blast of flavor to the fruits above it. It goes from a mediocre strawberry beverage, to an exciting Strawberry Pear Soda.


The last thing I want to touch on is CAP Lemon Lime’s ability to add a candy twist to your recipes. When we eat hard candies, there’s a level of sharpness, and citrus tang that tingles the sides of the mouth. It’s the amount of sugar, citric, and malic acid that helps give the user this feeling. In vaping we don’t quite have those experiences, so we need to do our best to emulate them. That’s where CAP Lemon Lime comes in. It does a great job of providing that artificial, almost chemical, sharpness to the mix (all while providing a nice boost to the top of our flavors). Below is a recipe I made previously that is benefitted from this.

CAPJuicy Orange3%
TFASwedish Gummy4%
CAPJelly Candy3.5%
VTPersian Lime1.5%
CAPSuper Sweet0.5%
CAP Lemon Lime0.5%

The recipe above is my “Batch Remix” which aims to provide a “Sour Patch” like recipe. The recipe does an OK job of providing an accurate and flavor version of this without the CAP Lemon Lime. But with it, the recipe comes together and blasts the user with a full-fledged experience. Even at just 0.5%. That citric tang is the secret weapon in making this profile accurate and distinguished.


One thing is certain, it’s hard to NOT use CAP Lemon Lime thanks to how useful and how transformative it may be to your recipes. From providing a boost to your already mixed in fruits and candies. To giving you a soda-like experience. To providing a sharp exciting candy note to your mix. It’s one of the most versatile and useful fruits we have on hand. Now it’s an ingredient that does require a bit of care and attention, but it’s hard to mess up. Anywhere from 0.5% to 2% is plenty to provide all its boosting power and enhancement, and you can even push higher if you’d like a stronger flavor from it. All in all, make sure you have some on hand. You won’t be disappointed.



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  1. Like the setup on these recipes!
    Just to add to similar topic, I recently tried INW Lemon Kick. Also a good spike to a fruit/citrus mix.

    Good stuff!

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