The Best New Watermelon Flavor?

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SSA Double Watermelon

This watermelon was recently praised on the latest Noted episode as one of the best Watermelon Candy recipes they tried. Well I had some on hand and decided to play around with it. And man, am I glad I did. This flavoring really does bring a delicious, traditional, watermelon candy note – very similar to the Bubbalicious Watermelon gum I used to eat as a kid. That watermelon note, which other companies have tried to emulate, is done perfectly here – with even a bit more natural ripe fleshy watermelon notes thrown in. In the video above I do three different mixes with it to see how it reacts and to see how it shines. Below is the recipe I used in the video for my HubbaBubba Watermelon recipe


Apple Pop (Flavorah)1.00
Big Watermelon (MB)1.50
Bubble Gum (SSA)1.00
Double Watermelon (SSA)5.00
Super Sweet (CAP)0.50
Watermelon Candy (Extra Sour) (SC) (WF)1.00


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