Mouthfeel in DIY E-liquid

Mouthfeel in vaping is often discussed as providing that extra level of depth in your vape, to help you pull closer to a more authentic, satisfying experience. That feeling of smoothness, juiciness, or fluffiness, to name a few, all help provide a more realistic experience. But how exactly do we achieve good mouthfeel in vaping, especially considering vape is…well…an aerosol? I’m here to provide you some insight to hopefully give you some tools to pull out some great mouthfeel in your vapes.

What is Mouthfeel?

Mouthfeel is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the sensation that is provided by your vape, in your mouth. This is often attributed to food and drink, most notably Wine. But we’ve also hijacked the term for use in vaping, given that vapes do provide some level of mouth sensation that we can exploit. One example might include the fluffy & creamy sensation you “feel” when you’re vaping a milkshake vape. Those sensations are generally provided by your mouth, therefore we have a vessel that we can focus on when we develop our recipes. Ignoring mouthfeel may provide some good results, as most vapes and flavorings provide their own mouthfeel without any need to develop further. But making an effort to refine the mouthfeel in a vape can provide some amazing results.

What about texture? Well, while mouthfeel and texture are similar and sometimes used interchangeably, both provide slightly different meanings in vape. Mouthfeel is usually the level of sensation you’re feeling, while texture helps define what “type” of sensation is present usually in terms of tactility. For instance, a cookie may have a gritty texture. But since we have no way of actually feeling the cookie in our vape, we rely on “mouthfeel” to help define its texture. We are looking for how that flavoring’s cookie texture feels in our mouth. Again, sometimes these terms used interchangeably and incorrectly, but being specific and precise with our language allows us to communicate what we are tasting more accurately and efficiently.

How do you identify Mouthfeel?

Now that we know what mouthfeel is, how do we actually identify it? Well considering how vapor works, it’s quite easy. Just vape! Upon vaping, pay close attention to your exhale. This is where most of the mouthfeel is present. What sensations are you feeling in your mouth? With vaping, there’s almost always some level of sweetness. How much does that sweetness affect the other flavor profiles? What else can you find? Usually we are able to find some fluffiness or creaminess in our vape. Does that fluffy feeling help bolster or muddle the flavorings in the vape? Is there a “mouth-watering” feeling? Is the vape thin, or heavy? All of these descriptors are associated with mouthfeel. All it takes is some vaping, and a keen…mouth, to pinpoint those particular sensations. The more you focus on what’s going on in your mouth, the easier it is to understand where these sensations come from. And once you start to build up the skill in identifying these sensations, you can start to exploit them in your favor.




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