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Cakes are quite simply put, one of the hardest profiles to create in vaping. It involves so much focus on texture and mouthfeel to effectively get across the right “experience”. And once that is honed in, adding any accents or toppings on top can more likely than not affect the cake layer you’ve built. So it’s very difficult in crafting complex, rich, flavorful cakes. But in this article, I want to give you some tips in how to build some really mouthwatering cake recipes.


FW Yellow Cake:

First thing I want to touch on is FW Yellow Cake. This is a controversial ingredient, thanks in part due to the inclusion of Fructose in the ingredient. Fructose is something that may breakdown during heat and inflict lung damage, which has spooked many vapers. That said, this ingredient is one of the best cake ingredients we have in our arsenal. It’s a light. fluffy, buttery cake flavor that brings a touch of texture and mouthfeel to the vape. This makes it ideal for any yellow cake recipe base. Using anywhere from 1 – 4% brings you increasing levels of presence. Best of all, mixing with vanillas and fruits offer some separation that help create a more accurate flavor profile. So it’s up to you if you want to use or not, of course. But if you do attempt to use, you’ll find its flavor is hard to beat in its category.

JF Yellow Cake:

If you’re looking for a FW Yellow Cake substitute, this is the one to go for. It’s not nearly as present as FW Yellow Cake, but it contains all the same notes. Light, fluffy, textured, yellow/pound cake. Really fun to use, but also quite difficult to mix properly. Be mindful of its slight off-notes, but anywhere around 2 – 5% will set you off on a good base for your cake profiles. Can work by itself in some recipes, but definitely worth blending with other cakey-notes for best effect.

CAP Vanilla Cupcake:

CAP Vanilla Cupcake isn’t the best cake ingredient. But it is useful when mixed properly. The main thing to be aware of is that CAP Vanilla Cupcake brings a nice cake-like texture, and offers a vanilla icing note. So building your recipes around this profile will offer you the best results. For instance, if you’re looking to build a rich blueberry lemon cake, you may find CAP Vanilla Cupcake is a bit too soft and delicate, with a distracting vanilla note, in conjunction with the heavier blueberry flavor. But mixing with some INW Strawberry and CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream can create a nice accurate strawberry shortcake type profile. It’s all about working with its limitations.

WF Angel Cake:

In terms of light, fluffy, textured cakes, this one sits at the top of the list. At 1 – 3%, you’re given a very delicate, light fluffy yellow cake flavor. Similar to CAP Vanilla Cupcake, you want to be very mindful of how delicate this cake is. Working with heavier, richer flavorings may really pound this flavoring into the ground. But, in contrast to CAP Vanilla Cupcake, influencing this ingredient is a lot easier since it doesn’t have such a punishing vanilla note. So infusing things like FA Cookie, or INW Biscuit, can change the trajectory of the cake layer, without muddying it up.

FW Cake Batter Dip:

If you’re looking for a rich, Funfetti-type cake, FW Cake Batter Dip is a great option to head for. This profile brings a rich, buttery, sweet cake-y flavor, but doesn’t really bring much in the way of “texture”. Similar to FW Yellow Cake, with a more rich, creamy body which holds up more against heavier ingredients. It doesn’t quite pack the right texture, so building in texture may prove difficult. Nonetheless, it’s a great tool to use to influence your cakes to be much more Funfetti-ish.

Recipe Example:

Flavor Talk: Cake - Recipe Example


This is a simple Strawberry Shortcake profile, with light strawberry, light vanilla whipped cream, and fluffy yellow cake.


CAP Super Sweet     0.25%CAP Sweet Strawberry     2%FLV Vanilla Pudding     1.5%INW Shisha Strawberry     1%JF Yellow Cake     2%WF Angel Cake SC     3%

Total Flavor: 9.75%

WF Angel Cake: In this recipe, the cake base I’m using is WF Angel Cake. Here I’m using it at 3%, which is around the top end of the flavoring. The reason being I want as much cake texture as possible in this vape. But because it’s WF Angel Cake, I need to layer in the other ingredients much more delicately than I normally would. So I’m using lighter flavorings, at lower percentages. This is to not distract from the delicate nature of this flavoring’s body.

JF Yellow Cake: I’m also boosting some of that cake body with JF Yellow Cake. I’m using it here at a 2%. This is because it’s going to help boost the body of the mix, without adding too much of its distracting off-note. Using INW Biscuit may work here as well, but will add a slightly less accurate yellow cake flavor.

INW Shisha Strawberry / CAP Sweet Strawberry: The strawberry layer I’m using is INW Shisha and CAP Sweet Strawberry. I wanted to bring a natural, yet slightly “jammy” strawberry, so INW Shisha Strawberry fits that mold. But I also wanted to sweeten it up a bit with CAP Sweet Strawberry. CAP Sweet Strawberry will also help us blend in the strawberry profile with the creams a bit better. I’m using both here very lightly as to not disrupt the delicate WF Angel Cake

FLV Vanilla Pudding: Finally, I wanted to add a touch more “fluffy” nature. Adding in FLV Vanilla Pudding at 1.5% will do just that. It does mute a bit on the top end, but because of how delicate this recipe already is, it’s not going to affect it too much. CAP Vanilla Whipped is another option you could use here, but may be a bit too heavy for its purpose here.


So there you have it, some great cake ingredients you can use to build out some excellent cake recipes, and a recipe example you can use to get inspiration from. Remember that cakes are hard. Like, really hard. So nailing that perfect texture, mouthfeel, accuracy, and balance, especially with multi-layer & profile recipes, will take a lot of time. Don’t be discouraged! Keep at it, remember to try and keep things light at first. And always focus on the body. Also remember every cake is different. One cake layer you made, may not work with every topping or accent. So just keep mixing, and keep record of how your cakes are coming together.




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