Favorite Flavorings of 2020

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I know we’re a bit late into 2021, but I wanted to release my video for my favorite flavorings of 2020 (sorry, I was a bit busy beginning of this year!). These are not just flavorings that were released in 2020, but more new to “me”. Hopefully this list gives you some good insight into some great ingredients you can use to spice up your mixing library.

Sasami Flavorings

The first I want to talk about is the entire Sasami line. These flavorings aren’t that new, in fact, I’ve tried a couple a long while back when I visited Chefs in the UK. But more recently in 2020, Nom Nomz send me their entire line – and it wasn’t until I spoke with Tom Klark that I decided to really give them a try. Luckily I did, because they’re excellent. If you’re looking for very Euro type flavorings, that will offer something completely new to your recipes, I would definitely recommend checking out this line up. Flavorings like their Anise and Sweet Woodruff have found their way into some of my ADV’s, and they offer so many more great ingredients that have excellent taste profiles, vape well, and are nice and potent.


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Wonder Flavours Crumble Topping

So Wonder Flavours has had a productive 2020, releasing many new flavorings like their Egg Yolk, or their Blackberry Jelly Bean. But none have stood out more to me other than their Crumble Topping. It’s an excellent non-descript bakery that’s useful in so many situations. It packs a light, buttery, cookie crust type flavor with a light flour/sugar note that really helps sell any bakery you use it in. The reason I wanted to put it on the list is because it’s nice to have another “bakery base” that isn’t just CAP Sugar Cookie or INW Biscuit. This ranks up their among the best and should make its way into your mixing toolbox.

Peach Yogurt Parfait


A peach fruit, yogurt with "granola" Made on Live Mixing


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%MB Panna Cotta     0.5%TPA Greek Yogurt     4%WF Crumble Topping SC     0.75%WF Peach Pie & Cream     3%

Total Flavor: 8.75%

One on One Strawberry Jam & their Citruses

So I used a lot of One on One flavorings in 2020. I decided to give them another shot last year, and I was surprised I didn’t use more of them sooner. I quickly found out that yes, they have a lot of “bad” flavorings, but they also have a lot of great ones in their massive line up. I wanted to first highlight their OOO Strawberry Jam which packs a really unique, deep, vivid strawberry note that certainly can be construed as “jammy” – along with a nice buttery note. If you needed a strawberry that was going to taste “baked down” or needed something to really stand out, this is a great option. And on top of that, I’ve been using a lot of their citruses. Their Lemon Round, their Lemon Square candy, and all of their lemonades have been a real pleasure to use. So if you’re going to give them a shot, try those out first. But also don’t count out their other flavorings – because you may find some more gems in their huge flavor list.

Check out this article on One on One Flavors

Chemnovatic Vanilla Pudding & Strawberry

2020 was a big year for Chemnovatic – as this is when they really gained their notoriety throughout the mixing community. They released a handful of flavorings that really found their way into a lot of recipes. While they didn’t release a lot of flavorings, the ones they did, did impress. Two of my favorites being CNV Vanilla Pudding and CNV Strawberry. Their strawberry isn’t anything groundbreaking. It’s a deeper, natural, juicy strawberry that still packs a bit of a sweet strawberry top note. But when I’m looking for a strawberry, that’s usually all I want. And this strawberry was unique enough to make its way into a lot of my vapes. Their Vanilla Pudding is along the same lines as well. In fact, I think it’s almost identical to FLV’s Vanilla Pudding, with just a bit more presence and mouthfeel. This is not a bad thing, since FLV Vanilla Pudding is amazing – it just lacks in its presence a bit that CNV fixes. So if you’re looking to add some CNV to your library, I’d definitely recommend checking these out first.

Raspberry Jelly Donut v2


This Is a raspberry donut. Sticky raz jam in a fluffy cinn sugar donut hole. Made on Live Mixing https://youtu.be/XUOZ1ZgOWuM


CAP Cinnamon Sugar     0.5%CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FA Custard Premium     0.5%FA Zeppola     3%OOO Strawberry Jam     1.5%SSA Raspberry Syrup     0.5%TPA Vanilla Custard II     1.25%

Total Flavor: 7.75%

Molinberry Wild Cherry & Panna Cotta & Sobucky Super Aromas

Lastly I wanted to talk about Molinberry and their off-shoot budget line Sobucky Super Aromas. I used a shit-ton of Molinberry in 2020. I wanted to highlight two of their flavorings, their decadent and delicate Panna Cotta and their non-medicinal yet vivid Wild Cherry. The Panna Cotta offering a really unique dairy note that fits so many different types of “French” creams. And their Cherry being one of the only good cherries in the market. I really have been enjoying that line up and was impressed by their newest line up of SSA. While I haven’t made my way through a lot of SSA since I received them a bit later in the year, the ones I’ve tried have been pretty damn good. Not just that, but they also seem to be tackling more “base building” profiles like Juicy Orange or Vanilla Ice Cream. While MB can offer to be more unique and more specific, SSA can be more traditional. Do not miss out on these line ups, and definitely don’t miss out on my recommendations.

Check out my Panna Cotta Recipe here


So there is my favorite flavorings of 2020 list. I’m really interested in seeing what new flavorings will be released in 2021, especially considering the regulations that are to come. It seems as long as DIYer’s are willing to mix eliquid, flavoring companies are willing to provide us new tools so I can’t wait to see what happens when the entire market moves to DIY. Nonetheless, I hope this helped you find some new profiles to try out and gain some new tools for your DIY toolbox.





  1. I read the article before watching the video which, of course, caused great consternation as I spent hours searching for Molinberry and SSA “Wild Cherry.” (Yeah, I need a really great cherry.) That out of the way (finally watching the video), the order has been placed. (You might want to edit the text in the next to last paragraph. :))

    Also included WF Crumble Topping in my order. Could be a winner for cobbler recipes.

    Thanks for the quick review as it was timely for my current needs!

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