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Pear DIY Flavoring Reviews:

RF Pear:
Terrible. Odd lemon lime off note. No pear. May be old stock?

MF (Medicine Flower) Pear:
Natural. No off notes. Fairly light in flavour. Quite top heavy, but not super thin. Seems like it may be easily trampled in a mix.
Mixman tested at 1%, 1.5% and 2%

NF Organic Pear:
Terrible. Doesn’t taste anything like a pear. Indescribable off note.
13.19 and 15.00

EUR Fresh Pear and EUR Pear:
Mixman didn’t like either of them. At 3.5% EUR Pear had a distinct liquorice note. Not anise, definitely liquorice.
Mixman tested EUR Pear at 3.5%

MB Shape Up Pear:
Mixman- unripe, perfume-y, bit floral. Sam- bit light in flavour at 6%. A bit under ripe, but juicy. ID10-T- may be best pear? Bold, sweet, juicy, crisp. Apple like texture and body. Touch of earthy realism. Emily thought it had really good body, very fleshy. But a little soft and mellow at 3%.
Mixman tested at 3%. Sam tested at 6%. ID10-T tested at 4% and 5%, steeped for almost a week. Emily tested at 3%

TP (Tasty Puff) Pear Seed:
Mixman got a weird off note, dry. Didn’t think it tasted much like a pear.

TFA Pear Candy:
Mixman- got a lot of EM. Sam- touch of green apple peel note. Slight astringency. Like pear gummy, but without gummy texture. Emily- not much pear flavour. Bit of plastic-y off note, even after steep. ID10-T- more sweet, bright, citrus-y thing. Some pear-ish taste. Very sweet.
Mixman tested at 3%. Sam tested at 5%. Emily tested at 2%. ID10-T tested at 3% and 4%. Got weird at 4%.

GF (German Flavors) Pear Yogurt :
Literally un-vapable. Pear top note tastes as much like model glue as it does pear. Really sharp, painfully offensive. Behind that is sweet, creamy vomit.
ID10-T tested at 4% and 8%.

GF (German Flavors) Pear:
Candy pear and model glue, minus the vomit of GF Pear Yogurt. At 6% mostly model glue. At 3% it’s light in flavour and about 50/50 candy-ish pear and model glue.
ID10-T tested at 3% and 6%.

VT Pear:
Funky, over ripe pear. Sweet, juicy. Tastes like pear. But no crispness, mushy.

OOO Pear Juicy:
Mixman thought was light and underwhelming. Semi sweet, a bit candy-like. Not at all juicy and even quite dry. ID10-T got a banana off note.
Mixman tested at 2%.

VT Pear Halves:
Mixman- some sweetness, touch of pear. But off notes very distracting. ID10-T- sweetness tastes like canned pear syrup. Pear subdued and like VT Pear, funky. Bit of a floral note. Bit dry.

INW Pear:
Reformulated a few years ago. ID10-T- not crisp. Overripe. Like green apple skin and yellow apple/ pear flesh. A bit throaty. Sam- liked it. Brighter. Nice, unique, yellow pear. Not overripe.
ID10-T tested the new formulation at 2%. Sam thought he had the new version too.

VSO Pear:
Mixman- a barely discernable pear with a hint of caramel. Sweet, but not juicy. Sam- borderline perfume-y at 6%. Yellow pear. Bit overripe. Flavourful, juicy, unique. Emily- flavourful. Very natural. ID10-T- sweet but subdued pear. Fresh, clean flavour despite all the sweetness. Not very juicy.
Mixman tested at 5%. Sam tested at 6%. Emily and ID10-T tested at 3%.

CAP Pear with Stevia:
ID10-T- very sweet. Slight bitter aftertaste. Not very flavourful. Earthy pear skin note. Then very sweet and a bit bland. Pear with grape-y note. Full bodied. Sam- mostly green apple/ pear peel. Pear very light. Harsh.
ID10-T tested at 3% and 4%. He much preferred at 3%. Sam tested at 5%

TFA Pear:
Sam- present peel note. Very sweet. Emily- thin, bit perfume-y. Mixman- juicy, sweet, a bit of skin. Leans towards candy. But peel note more natural. ID10-T- pear with an artificial quality. Not candy. Earthy note, may be pear skin. Lots of fleshy body. Lacks mealy texture.
Mixman tested at 3%.

Cabin by Alfred Pudding (ATF)

Magical Flavors Pear:
Candy type pear. Obviously artificial. Very sweet. Interesting powdered sugar like taste attached to the sweetness. Similar to OOO Powdered Sugar.

CC (Chefs Choice) Pear Drops:
Mixman thought it was pretty good. Like pear Gum Drops without the sugar coating.

LA Pear:
Candy pear. Really one note. Flat, fake, but identifiable pear. Not sweet enough for candy. But lacks realism to be anything but candy. No off notes. But very meh.
ID10-T tested at 3% and 4%. At 4% a touch acidic, lemon-y and harsh. Keep at 3% or below.

Gremlin Sinful Pear (One shot):
Pear note up front. Spice note is a bit off. Clear graham note with bit of raw pastry dough feel. Base rich, creamy, some vanilla. Full coating mouthfeel. Very slight coconut off note.
Mixman tested at 10%. ID10-T tested at 15%.

Nic Vapes Pear, Fairy’s Finest Pear and HC (Health Cabin) Pear:
All candied- no pear flesh, no peel notes. Just sweet pear. NV Pear has very slight citrus note that’s blended in very well. At 5% FF Pear and HC Pear had no off notes, no throat hit.
Mixman tested NV Pear at 3% and tested HC Pear and FF Pear at 5%.

FW Pear:
Sam and Mixman got a good candied pear, not very juicy. Mixman got citrus note. ID10-T got reasonably natural pear with no off notes. Sweet, somewhat juicy. Bit one dimensional. Emily and ID10-T thought is an underrated flavour.
Sam and Mixman tested at 3%. ID10-T tested at 3% and 4%. Got floral at 4%. Around 3% good.

SSA Ripe Pear:
Very sweet. Hint of peel. Emily- bold, bright. Good base-y body. Juicy up front but dry finish. Sam- similar to MB Shape Up Pear. Mixman- juicy, sweet top and bottom notes, well rounded. ID10-T- Some crisp, top heavy notes. Natural pear. Too much blank sweetness in middle.
ID10-T tested at 3% and 4%. At 3% had no off notes. At 4% got a little more flavour. Seemed like may be able to push even higher.

WF Ripe Pear:
Sam- more a yellow pear. Not much going on. Mixman- very sweet and meh. ID10-T- great pear. Ripe rather than crisp. Similar to FW Pear but with bit more presence and depth. Slight skin note. Emily- good pear. Sweet. Mealy texture. Not super juicy.

FLV Pear:

Emily, ID10-T and Isuamadog – very funky. Has great mealy, gritty texture. Hard to mix with. Good advanced mixing tool. Sam and Mixman liked it. Sam got slight astringency. Quite mild, very natural. Bit under ripe. Lacks juiciness.
Sam tested at 1.2%. Can use around 0.25-0.5%, for the texture.

FLV Pearesto (Pre-Release Flavour):

Not as much mealy texture as FLV Pear. Deep, natural pear with some mealy body and touch of skin. Ripe, could be good start for a cooked pear. Lacks the punch of candy-ish pear flavours.
ID10-T tested at 1%, 1.5%, 2% and 3%. Keep below 2% for sub ohm setup. Skin note gets weird at 2%. At 1% and 1.5% plenty of flavour and no off notes.

SC Pear:
Very sweet, bold and bright. A little tart. Unapologetically candied. Like a pear Jolly Rancher or pear lollipop. Tastes fake, but saturated with artificial pear. Hard candy flavour.
Needs to steep for a few days to a week, otherwise harsh. (Available at Vaping Zone in US)

DEL Pear:
Pear flesh. Not too sweet. Some body. More on the authentic side than candied. Some juiciness. Has bottom note.

Ap-pear-antly by Cinn (ATF)

TFA Quince:
Almost like TFA Pear, but without the peel note. Not tart. Some green apple flesh. Slight astringency. Brighter citrus note.
Sam tested at 5%

FA Pear:
Very versatile. Actual pear flavour not very bold. Like pear in tinned fruit cocktail. But is the juiciest pear. Can add juiciness and sweetness to a mix. An essential, even if you don’t like pear.

Buddha Pear by DIYDownunderPippa (ATF)

Yoko Kumara by Wolfwheeler (ATF)

DAAPled Pears by Foment_life (ATF)

Falkor by ID10-T (ATF)


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