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Sherbet & Sorbet DIY E-liquid Flavoring Reviews

Sorbet vs Sherbet:
Sorbet – pureed fruit with shaved ice. No cream. Lost
Sherbet (US definition) basically sorbet, but with milk added to it. Has creamy consistency. A lot like ice cream. But not quite as creamy, doesn’t have the heavy cream. Also never has eggs.
Sherbet (UK/AUS definition) – a powdery candy thats something a bit like pixie stix. Often fizzy.

CC (Chefs Choice) Lemon Sherbet:
Taste like it’s maybe not safe to vape? Tastes greasy. Kind of like lemon flavoured powdered sugar. Not fizzy. A bit Pledge-y. Yucky, greasy aftertaste that ruined ID10-T’s coil.

Bickford Rainbow Sherbet:
Lingering greasy feel and oily taste, not as bad as CC Lemon Sherbet does. Didn’t ruin the coil. Not a whole lot of flavour to it. Some indistinct citrus. Not creamy, just greasy. Also a little harsh.
ID10-T tested at 4%

TFA Rainbow Sherbet:
The finish is chalky and powdery, a bit like Flintstone’s vitamins. Harsh. Too bright. No creaminess or middle notes. All top notes. Fluffy texture. Sam got cardboard-y note.
Sam tested at 5%

PUR Toasted Coconut Mango Sherbet:
Mango more like peach/banana jam. Toasted note and coconut are separate so tastes like piece of toast on top of peach/banana jam then get artifical coconut that lingers for ages.

OOO Mango Sorbet:
Really expensive. Very concentrated. Doesn’t taste good. Identifiable mango note, a bit subdued and sweet. Has some thickness. Nothing to distinguish as sorbet. Also has dish soap off note.

VT Sorbet Base:
Melon body with a bold spearmint finish. Not a specific type of melon. Weirdly juicy. Not at all unpleasant, but not a sorbet.
Emily, Sam and ID10-T tested at 2%

FW Rainbow Sherbet:
CONTAINS SUGAR – CARCINOGENIC. Just orange part of rainbow sherbet, lacks other fruits. Orange authentic to that in rainbow sherbet. Not very creamy. Some body. Will destroy coils.

LB Rainbow Sherbet: (Spelt ‘Sherbert’ on ATF and ELR)
Very base-y and creamy. Emily found it flavourful, ID10-T and Sam didn’t. Tastes like rainbow sherbet. Mostly bright, sweet orange. Some berry, but more like blue raspberry. Has some depth.
Sam tested at 3% and 8%. ID10T tested at 6%. Emily tested at 8%.
32.36 and 37.16

FE Rainbow Sherbet:
Does taste like rainbow sherbet, but mostly like a tart and sweet raspberry, orange candy. Raspberry has slight floral note. Really bright, tart. Full bodied. Bold. Finish is very sweet but dry.
ID10-T tested at 2%.

DV Sherbert Lemon: (DV spell it Sherbert)
Sweet artificial candied lemon. Like Lemon Headz candy or lemon Kool-Aid. Lingering sweet finish. No fizz, not even any powdery texture. No off notes, but not particularly special.
Weak in concentration. DV recommends using at 20%. ID10-T tested at 10%, got plenty of flavour.

MB Rainbow Sherbet:
Underwhelming. Lacks punch. A little softer than LB Rainbow Sherbet. Has the orange, raspberry and lime. Raspberry and lime a bit harder to pick out. Creaminess isn’t great.
Sam tested up to 8%.

River Supply (Formally Nicotine River) Rainbow Sherbet:
Tastes accurate. Has raspberry, orange, lime. Only hint of lime, might want to add more. Has creaminess, which many others didn’t. Bold and flavourful. Moderately thick, creamy texture.
ID10-T tested at 4%. Had some slight off notes around the edges. At 3% worked better.

River Supply (Formally Nicotine River) Pineapple Sherbet:
Tastes like real, fresh pineapple with a bit of sweet creaminess. Pineapple a bit softer than fresh pineapple, but accurate sherbet. Really tasty.

VT Fizzy Sherbet:
Very accurate to fizzy sherbet candy. Very bright, tart lemon. One of fizzy-est flavours available. At 1%, not very strong. At 2%, fizzy lemon. At 3%, hints of lime and grapefruit, but mostly lemon.
Use around 3% for SF. Sam tested at 1% and 3%. ID10-T tested at 2% and 3%.

Shurb by captaincannibal (ATF)

Rainbow Sherbet Punch (aka Wedding Punch) by Cinn (ELR)

Sniper Sorbet (Deadliest in the Galaxy) by freshpies (ELR)


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