Obsidian Gold Label – BETA 2


Obisidian Gold Label - BETA 2


Working off the first BETA release, the common consensus was that that introduction of the deeper, darker, more "matured" flavor, hindered the great aspects of the original Obsidian. The French Pipe seemed to be the biggest issue, especially after steeping. I needed to find a way to bridge the sweeter cookie notes to the darker tobacco, while keeping that luxurious RY4 finish. After a lot of tweaking, I found that replacing the Butterscotch with Smoked Butterscotch, and French Pipe for Tatanka - provides that case. I'm curious as to your notes on this and would love any feedback. I still want "darker" undertones, I want smokier flavor, and I may even add some ash. But I think this is a much better improvement over the first BETA. **Check out the original Obsidian here: https://diyordievaping.com/2017/05/01/obsidian-cookie-ry4-by-enyawreklaw-diy-e-liquid-recipes/** **Check out the first version of Obsidian Gold Label here: https://diyordievaping.com/2020/12/25/obsidian-gold-label-beta/**


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FLV Cookie     0.5%FLV Raisin Rum     0.75%FLV Smoked Butterscotch     0.75%FLV Tatanka Tobacco     1.5%JF RY4 Double     5%

Total Flavor: 9%



  1. Got a chance to mix this today while watching midweek critique. I got to say this is a very tasty one. I’m getting a very dark earthy flavor but at the same time it’s quite light and herbal. A light cookie and caramel hidden deep down just rounds it out nicely. A brilliant profile Wayne and It goes great with my coffee. 4.5 out of five from me on this one. Thank you for all you do for this community Wayne.

  2. The more I vape this recipe the more I’m liking it. This is the first profile of any kind that I have tried that has a very mature or adult feel. Its aroma and flavor remind me of when I used to sit at the bar smoking a wood tip black and mild cigar and sip crown royal on the rocks. Brilliant…

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