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Meringue DIY Flavor Reviews

FA Meringue:
Essential to own. Very authentic. Sugary. Great airy, fluffy feel without being thin. Has crispy outside of meringue. Bit more of a bakery note than others, might be a little AP. A bit toasted. Subtle creaminess. Works great in cereal and milk recipes.
Usually used around 1-2%. DYY tested up to 3%, tasted more cooked and darker. Gets better the longer it steeps, more sugary.

TFA Meringue:
Similar to FA. Doesn’t have toasted note/AP FA has. Similar airy, crispy sugary-ness. A lot sweeter. Not as authentic. More milky and creamy than FA, which is a harder meringue. So works better than FA in cereal and milk recipes.

Epic Shots Lemon Meringue Pie (One Shot – From Chefs):
Almost perfect. Lemon could be a little more tart. Lovely meringue on top, rich lemon curd. Distinct, but not too prominent, basic bakery crust underneath. Really full flavoured and deep.
ID10-T tested at 13%, which is the recommended %.

Lemon meringue pie – the best yet by Nevans (ELR) (Available as a one shot at Chefs)

WF Flapper Pie:
Delicious, but not particularly accurate. Barely there bakery note. Lovely, accurate meringue, fluffy, a little dry. Not as toasted as FA. Vanilla cream note. Has some dark sweetness.
Sam tested it up to 6%. ID10-T tested up to 3.5%.

VT Lemon Meringue Tart:
Buttery crust. Lemon more lemon curd than a custard, a bit brighter. Creaminess is very dense and thick. DYY got lime, but to everybody else it’s definitely lemon.

CAP Lemon Meringue Pie:
Good, well rounded, robust LMP. Very dense, thick cream. Lemon came in afterwards. Not much meringue. Texture too thick for meringue. Inauthentic enough to make it versatile.
ID10-T tested at 3% and 6%. Sam tested at 4%. DYY tested at 3%. A bit burnt at 6%. At 3-4% plenty of flavour, no off notes.

RF Meringue SC:
Crisp, sugary, dry. Slightly toasted top note with sweet, creamy finish. Has more body than most RF flavours. Not thin. A not unpleasant lingering coconut cream off note.

CAP Meringue (SL):

Very sweet, creamy. Similar to TFA and FA Meringue in many ways. But has a berry sweetness and tartness. Limits versatility. Seems like it wouldn’t be easy to cover in a mix.
Sam tested at 2%. ID10-T tested at 2.5%. Plenty of flavour. Emily tested at 4%. Didn’t get any off notes.

Queen of Puddings (One Shot from Chefs):
Moist cake-y type base. Wonderful meringue topping flavour that lingers. Blackcurrant is sharp, but still sweet and jammy. Good level of sweetness.
ID10-T tested at 20%. Chefs recommend using at 20-30%. 20% wasn’t too high. But 30% seems like it would be. Plenty of flavour at 20%.

FW Lemon Meringue Pie:
CONTAINS SUGAR- CARCINOGENIC. Lemon has nice tartness. But tastes candy-ish. Too bright and thin for a LMP. A bit reminiscent of a frosted Fruit Loops.

FE Meringue:
Like a better, less waxy version of CAP Butter Cream. Sugary sweet. Slightly artificial butter underneath. Creamy mouthfeel. Tastes like butter and sugar creamed together,

NF (Nature’s Flavors) Organic Lemon Meringue:
Lemon-y, but no meringue. ID10-T thought it tasted like a sweet lemon cream with lemon zest. DYY thought it had no body, very flat. Like a one dimensional, natural lemon.
DYY tested at 1% and 2%. 2% had plenty of flavour. ID10-T tested at 4%. Too high, harsh.

RF Lemon Meringue SC:
Meringue is just vague sweet, sugary, fluffy stuff, could be meringue or marshmallow or frosting. Lemon thin, like watered down, powder mix lemonade. No crust.

CAP Lemon Meringue Pie V2:
Like a lemon graham cracker dipped in old milk. Mostly crust. Kind of graham-y, really heavy. Barely any lemon. Funky spoiled milk off note.
ID10-T tested up to 6%.

CAP Lemon Meringue Pie V3:
Almost identical to the V2 but even more crust-y. No lemon, no meringue. Just crust with the same spoiled milk note that V2 had. Has some creaminess, but it’s not meringue.
DYY tested at 3%.

Nana’ Flakes by Silky (ATF)

Lemon Meringue Pie by DixxleRoo (ATF)


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