When to Layer Your Recipes

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Many mixers fall under the impression that’s its always best to mix your own bases from scratch. This means layering up your ingredients to build out your profile, as opposed to just using a flavoring that encompasses that entire profile. For example, instead of using FW Cookies & Cream, you’d take CAP Fudge Brownie, TFA Vanilla Swirl, and CAP Sweet Cream to build out your own Oreo flavor. But is this really the best method to building recipes? Is this the most efficient? Or should you even both doing this altogether? That’s what I wanted to address in this article.




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Everything is Subjective

Before I end this, I just want to remind you that all recipes are different, every profile has its own needs, and everyone’s tastes are subjective. These rules are quite loose, and rules are always meant to be broken. What this article is, is just a guide to help you create recipes efficiently. Instead of wasting your time experimenting with trial and error, these guides help you start out on the right foot. So feel free to use this information to help build your recipes a bit more efficiently, but always remember to be creative.




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