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Desert Tobacco Flavor Notes:

INW Arabic:
Like sour, cold hot chocolate with ash in it. Strong, overly sour, butiric dairy flavour with creamy, hot cocoa type chocolate. Accent of smokey and slightly ashy tobacco.

INW Desert Voyager:
Pretty complex. Heavy honey note up front. A little floral. Liquorice behind that. Subtle hints of leather and sandlewood. Not really tobacco. But dry, earthy, slightly nutty body. Bit of a mess.
ID10-T tested at 1%.

HS Arabic Tobacco:
Tastes more like liquorice and fruit than tobacco. Fig/prune/raisin type fruit. Very sweet. Mild grassy/hay like tobacco background note. At 5% tobacco had unpleasant artificial quality.
ID10-T tested at 1.5% and 5%.

FW Desert Llama:
Deeply weird. Tobacco more like cardboard. Foment a little waxy, artificial cherry. ID10-T got bell pepper juice with watered down peppermint tea and some fruity vanilla.

INW Pharaoh:
Bright, citrus-y, black tea flavour with a dull, herbal mint-like accent. Mint has no cooling to it. Has something vaguely tobacco-ish about it. Weird but not unpleasant.

INW Pyramid:
Tastes like it’s just AP and EM. At 2% roasted nuttiness, but on the verge of going over into corn chips. Very dry. Really sweet. EM type sweetness. No tobacco, just sweet nuttiness.
ID10-T tested at 2%

FA Desert Ship:
Sam got nutty tobacco wrapped in dried tobacco leaf. Not very robust at 1.5%. ID10-T got green bell pepper. Foment got something astringent and borderline fruity. Thought very sweet at 2%.
Sam an ID10-T tested at 1.5%. Foment tested at 2%.

INW Arabesque:
Mostly like INW Pharaoh with spicy tobacco. Warm spice, some lemon-y citrus and herbal-ish black tea. Moist, sweet tobacco. Finish has some cinnamon then gets a little bread-y, like a cinnamon roll. Very busy.
ID10-T tested at 2%.

INW Desert Ship:
Spicy, dry, mild cigarette tobacco. Spice is pretty prominent, but the individual spice notes indistinguishable. A little dry, caramel sweetness. Tobacco fairly Turkish-y, light and mild.

FE Desert Ship:
ID10-T found it a little unpleasantly harsh. Light spice. Anise and cinnamon. A roasted, but not ashy cigarette tobacco and a caramel-y, sweet, but dry base. No off notes. Pretty solid flavour.
ID10-T tested at 1.5%, steeped for two weeks.

FLV Arabian Tobacco:
Kind of sweet. Generic, warm spice blend note. Touch of aromatic cedar. Just enough smokey-ness. A little ashy, but more smokey than ashy. Very dry.
Very potent. ID10-T tested at 0.25%. Full flavoured at 0.25%. Foment tested at 0.5%.

Arab Mom’s Butter Cookie by Nowar (aka Isuamadog) (ATF)
56.19 and 1.07.12

Autumn Smoke by ChemicalBurnVictim (ATF)

Ichabod’s Crane by SlashaLO (ATF)

Spiced Apple Tobacco by RinVapes (ATF)

HS Desert Ship:the
Really tasty as a SF. Dark fruity sweetness. Not the same warm, generic spice FLV Arabian and a few others have. Cigarette type tobacco. As dry or slightly drier than FA Desert Ship.

Just a Touch Of Chocolate by fadedjay1 (ATF)

Shipwreck by Juicefairy (ATF)

Simple Apple Shisha (Hookah) by TBX12 (ELR)

INW Bahraini Apple Gold:
Apple with a little bit of a tobacco dirt behind it. A fair amount of anise that carries through it. Anise doesn’t overwhelm the apple, but stopping it from taking the forefront.

Coffee in the Shade by thelateoctober (ATF)


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