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Woodruff DIY Flavor Notes:

Woodruff is a herb used in things like punch, brandy, ice cream, tea. Also used in a certain kind of German beer to cut the acidity.

TFA Sweet Woodruff:
Emily: tasted like mens deodorant smells. A bit of pot pouri. A little sandlewood-y. Spicy but also kind of beach-y.
Isuamadog: really chalky. Unpleasant mouthfeel.
ID10-T: not much flavour at 1%. Mostly like bright, floral vanilla. Base a little sweet and fruity, something like cherry and apple. Also a little grassy/hay-like. At 2% not so light in flavour. More of an unusual floral that’s vanilla-ish and really bright. Base sweeter, creamy/chalky. No more chemically. But floral more intense. At 4% had a plastic-y off note.
Emily and Isuamadog tested at 2%. ID10-T tested at 1%, 2% and 4%. Wouldn’t recommend 4%, 2% may be too high. But could be fun to experiment with around 1%.

JF Sweet Woodruff (may have been discontinued?):
Semi floral, sweet. Hint of earthiness, but not at the same time. Overall it’s hard to describe this flavour. Had it’s own boozy note. Seems like it would work in alcohol and drinks recipes.
Isuamadog tested at 2%

EUR Woodruff:
Like a cherry cough drop without menthol. Candy sweet. Artificial cherry. But with an unfamiliar herbal quality. 1% a little soft. 2% about same, but bolder. At 4% same cherry cough drop, but with more going on. Also had hints of vanilla. Cinnamon, spicy kind of note. Not plastic-y.
ID10-T tested at 1%, 2% and 4%. Cheeba tested at 3%.


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