My 2021 Resolutions for DIYorDIE

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Bring on 2021!

I’m back from my much needed Holiday break, and I’m ready to get back into the fold. But before I do, I wanted to update you all on what I have planned for the upcoming year. There are really a couple of important points that change a bit from what I did in 2020.

  1. A Move BACK to Produced Videos

    1. So 2020 brought in an era of livestreaming. I really, really loved doing this. I found my stride in creating 3 live shows every week, and it reinvigorated my love for content creation. So why would I ever revert from this? Well, simply put, I have to. 2021 will (God willing) provide me with my first child. Unfortunately, livestreaming and taking care of a new born don’t really work out well together. So in 2021, I’ll be going back to uploading produced, scripted videos similar to the types of videos I created prior to 2020. But fear not, I’ll still be doing the Wednesday Midweek Critique, as well as the Friday Live Mixing. That said, don’t be surprised if I have to postpone a show, start it early, or cancel it – I’m at the mercy of the newborn. So all you who enjoy the previous YouTube type content, you’re in luck! As for the Tuesday Wake Up with Wayne, that show will no longer be part of the live show lineup for the time being.
  2. The Masterclass WILL be released in 2021

    1. It seems I’ve been talking about the Masterclass for over a year now. I has grown from something that was quite simple and small, into a much, much larger project, with really large aspirations. That said, expect to see the Masterclass in its entirety in 2021, sometime before the summer. I’m extremely excited to start showcasing what it is, and the amount of information in it. But I’m also excited to bring in the new “wave” of DIYorDIE content.
  3. Deeper Industry Integration

    1. And lastly, I want to get more involved with the industry. DIYorDIE has always remained as an outsider or an underground niche aspect of the community. In 2021, I’ll be making a much more concerted effort in bringing in more of the mainstream vaping community. This will be important for DIYorDIE to grow the platform and introduce more and more to the prospects of DIY as regulations get more ubiquitous, and it becomes more difficult to find products that people love.

All in all, don’t expect too much to change in 2021. I’ve always created content that I myself would watch and content that I myself want to produce. And that will never change. As long as there are people who want delicious, craft e-liquid recipes, I’ll be here producing DIYorDIE!




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