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DIY E-liquid Flavors of 2020

Worst Flavours of the Year:

OOO Fruity Cereal Flavours:
(ID10-T) Basically all fruity cereal flavours by OOO. Some are a lot worse than others. But they’re all pretty much garbage.

SC/FE Caramel Flavours:
(ID10-T) All caramels by SC/FE. SC Caramel Cream Puff, SC Caramel, SC Caramel Mocha and SC Caramel Candy. Caramel Candy wasn’t quite as bad as the others, but all terrible.

FW Cherry Blast:
(Emily) Emily found it really harsh and plastic-y. Had every cherry off note. Medicinal shower curtain. ID10-T didn’t think it was that bad. Didn’t get plastic, but was pretty cough drop-ish.

OOO Lemon Cheesecake, OOO Caramel Drizzle Cheesecake, OOO Strawberry Cheesecake, OOO Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake, OOO Chocolate Cheesecake:
(Sam) Sam was really disappointed by all of them. Very underwhelming.
14.04 and 18.39

SSA Dark Blackberry:
(Fresh) Stood out of all the flavours Fresh tried this year for being a dumpster fire of a flavour! Pretty awful. Almost as bad as FA Blackberry.

FA Blackberry:
(ID10-T) Although SSA Dark BB was pretty terrible, FA BB was worse. Even at 0.1% it’s completely un-vapeable. An assault of floral perfume. Harsh and nasty.

TFA Cheesecake:
(Emily) Terrible. Although Folkart claims a tiny bit can work in a cheesecake recipe.

WF Marscapone:
(ID10-T) Funky. The worst WF flavours ID10-T has tried. Sam found that used low as an accent with other creams it can work.

TFA Caramel Cappuccino:
(Emily) Harsh. Bite-y in a weird way. Skunky burnt tyre rubber. ID10-T described it as having hints of raw meat and onion juice. The room note is awful.

SSA Creme Brulee:
(ID10-T) One of the worst flavours ID10-T has ever tried. Burnt chemicals. Emily didn’t hate it quite as much. Thought was thick and DAAP-y. But also burnt.

MB Lychee and Dragonfruit Premium Green Tea:
(Fresh) Particularly disliked it. But he doesn’t like lychee.

Herrlan Choco Shake:
(ID10-T) Chocolate pot pouri. Actually made ID10-T gag. Herrlan chocolate flavours are bad. Herrlan Shokolade Voll Milch literally tasted like chocolate covered poop!

FW Cookie Butter:
(Emily) Tastes really good for the first puff. By the second puff it’s permanently destroyed the coils and tastes like chemicals and ash. Can use it in cooking, just don’t vape it!

SSA Cottage Cheese:
(ID10-T) ID10-T found it moldy, bitter and nasty. Rhubarb-ish off note. Fresh thinks you can get it to taste like cottage cheese. But have to pair with very sweet fruits like peaches and pineapple.

VT Bubblegum Base:
(Emily) Doesn’t taste that bad. But just so disappointing. Has anise off note. Like eating bubblegum and black liquorice at the same time.

RF Cheesecake SC:
(ID10-T) Almost made ID10-T throw up. Tastes intensely vomitus. Sam and Fresh agreed that it’s not a good flavour.

FW Jungle Juice:
(Emily) A menthol watermelon. Emily found it disgusting. Sharp, thin. Although a lot of people apparently really like it.

LA Irish Cream:
(ID10-T) NOT SAFE TO VAPE. Not water soluble. Tastes like sawdust and old fryer grease.

FLV Waffle and FLV Tricks Cereal:
(Emily) FLV Waffle – Notoriously awful. FLV Tricks Cereal – kind of like fruity mushrooms.

VT Almond:
(ID10-T) ID10-T got intense vinyl shower curtain off note. Emily didn’t hate it enough to put it on the worst of the year list. But thought it was harsh and thin.

SSA Almond:
(ID10-T) Similar to VT Almond. But just not quite as plastic-y.

Best Flavours of the Year:

VT Toffee Ice Cream:
(Emily) Rich, sweet toffee goodness. VT Honeycomb and VT English Toffee are also really great flavours.

VT Orange Marmalade:
(ID10-T) Really authentic marmalade. Nice zesty orange peel. Sweet jammy base. Don’t confuse with VT English Marmalade, which is terrible.

VSO Blackberry:
(Sam) Excellent blackberry. Smooth, sweet, authentic. Dark. Can even taste the seeds. No perfume or any other off notes.
Sam uses around 3%

SSA Lemon Cheesecake:
(Fresh) Not great as a SF. Lemon not bold. Cheesecake pretty good. But great in a mix with another fruit and cream. Adds richness to cream and lemon makes other fruits pop.
Fresh uses around 1% for richness of CC and brightening affect of lemon. Doesn’t need to steep.

ID10T Milk by freshepies (ELR)

FLV Apple Filling:
(Emily and ID10-T) Well balanced. Really deep, robust. Delicious. Versatile. After steep has gloop-y pie filling texture. All other cinnamon apple flavours just don’t compare.

WF Strawberry Gummy Candy:
(ID10-T) Great strawberry gummy candy or Welches Strawberry Fruit Snacks. Sweet, thick, chewy, gummy texture. The strawberry is really forward and flavourful.

SSA Juicy Cherries, SSA Cherry Compote, SSA Ripe Cherry and VSO Cherry:
(Sam) Are all cherries that have no off notes. SSA Compote Cherry works well as pie filling. SSA Ripe Cherry is a good maraschino, candied cherry. It’s less bite-y than the other SSA cherries.

MB Classic Sponge Cake and MB Classic Belgian Waffle:
(Fresh) MB CBW is a very authentic Belgian waffle. Light vanilla note. Has some fluffiness. No maple, which makes it more versatile. Can add vanilla and light malty note to cake or donut etc.
MB CSC does the crispy outer edges of a cake, while not tasting burnt. They work really well paired together for a crispy, cake-y waffle. Can add crispiness to waffles, cakes, donuts etc.

SSA Sweet Watermelon:
(Emily) Like MB Big Watermelon, but bigger. Very robust, full, bold. No rind. Not really candied, but is very sweet. Won’t be bullied in a mix. No off notes.

SSA Sweet Yogurt:
(Sam) Works so well in cheesecakes. Given a week steep it really blooms. Brings thickness and creamy tang.

MB Creamy Greek Yogurt:
(Fresh) Milky, creamy yoghurt. Similar to CAP Creamy Yogurt, but better. Not a particularly great Greek yoghurt, but it is a good yoghurt.

FLV Root Beer:
(ID10-T) A great root beer. Very authentic. Bold. Won’t get bullied in a mix.

SSA Milky Caramel Fudge:
(Emily) Decadent, rich. Really gooey and sticky. Like a milky caramel sauce. No fudge. A light caramel, not as dark as many others. Not to be confused with SSA Milky Caramel Cream.

INW Horned Toffee:
(Sam) One of Sam’s favourite caramel-y, toffee flavours. It’s full and sticky. Very gooey. Amazing flavour.

SSA Bakery Orange:
(ID10-T) Excellent baked orange. Unique, no other flavour like it.

SSA Garden Mint:
(ID10-T) Very natural, fresh spearmint leaf. Not many flavours that are natural mint. No other flavour that would work as well for something like a mojito.

SSA Nectarine:
(ID10-T) A really, really good nectarine.

VT Cookies and Cream:
(Emily) Sugar cookies and cream. Good as a SF. Delicious.

SSA Raspberry Syrup:
(Fresh) Even a tiny amount in a mix is noticeable. Really authentic raspberry syrup. Perfect for sundaes, filling for donuts etc. Good sticky feel.

SSA Crisp Waffle:
(Fresh) Spot on freshly cooked waffle cone. Tastes burnt if used too high.
Very potent. Need to use around 0.5%.

TFA Vanilla Custard II:
(Sam) Can use lower for just the really good vanilla note. Not quite as egg-y as FA Custard Premium. Just really good.

WF Bavarian Cream:
(Emily) Deep, dark, rich. Very different to TFA. Like real Bavarian cream, as opposed to vanilla pudding. Thick, warm with a little darkness. Similar to custard, but not quite.

FM Pure Gin:
(ID10-T) So good it was worth ordering from Belgium. Straight up gin. FLV and VT have good gins, but not as good as FM.

VSO Individual Components:
(Sam) VSO has broken down certain profiles into their individual components. So allows for full customisation. For example they do individual spices so you can build your own spice blend.

VSO Huckleberry and Fresh’s Manufacturer of the Year:
(Fresh) VSO Huckleberry is Fresh’s flavour of the year. Mind bogglingly authentic to wild huckleberry. Slight floral note, but steeps out after 4 days. Then it’s like a wild blueberry, but sweeter and juicier. Has just enough ‘wild’ to it.
Over the course of the year VSO has released 80+ flavour. Listens to suggestions to the community. Every fruit Fresh has tried has been a notch above anything else from other companies. Because they are naturally extracted flavours it’s probably the most consistently authentic of any flavour house.

OOO Vanilla Custard Cheesecake and OOO Marshmallow Vanilla:
(Emily) OOO VCC is not a great cheesecake, but a great flavour. OOO MV is ID10-T’s flavour of the year. Really thick, sweet, vanilla-y. Like eating MM Fluff out of the jar. Good as a SF.

FLV Pumpkin Spice:
(ID10-T) Literally flawless. Perfect with VSO Pumpkin.

SSA Peanut Butter:
(Sam) One of the best peanut butters. May have usurped TFA Peanut Butter DX. Although, has a bit of an overly prominent nut skin note which needs to be worked around.

OOO Strawberry Jam:
(Fresh) A really great flavour.

3,2,One on One (Strawberry Marshmallow Cream) by freshepies (ELR)

FW Razzleberry:
(Emily) Perfect candied raspberry. Has a brightness, but also some depth.

From WF Latest Release:
(Sam) Sam’s favourites – WF Aged Bourbon Cream SC, WF Philadelphia Butter Cake SC, WF Sugar Cookie SC, WF Cookie Crumble SC. WF ABC is dark with great mouthfeel.

CNV Donut:
(Fresh) Fresh found it a pretty spot on cake-y donut. Really nice, dark outer crust note. A little on the thin side. But easy to build on. ID10-T tested at 3%, got puke-y off note. Maybe too high?
Fresh uses it around 1.5-2%.


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