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Flavors of the Quarter:

SSA Creme Brulee:
Incredibly burnt tasting and chemically. Very unpleasant.
ID10-T tested at 3.75%. Emily tested at 2%.

SSA Dark Blackberry:
Extremely strong off note of granny’s perfume. Some people have said they don’t think it’s that bad at 0.5%. Maybe tested to high?
ID10-T tested at 2.25%.

SSA Cottage Cheese:
Like sweet cream with moldy, rotten rhubarb. Rotten and astringent at the same time. Or plastic-y, rancid foot cheese. Rancid note, also a higher, plastic-y astringency.
ID10-T tested at 1.25%

SSA Almond:
Intensely plastic-y, new vinyl shower curtain off note. Similar to VT Almond.
ID10-T tested at 2%.

SSA Butter:
Really sweet. Does taste like butter, but also very butiric. Vomitus sugar butter.
ID10-T tested at 2.5%.

SSA Lemon Cheesecake:
Emily enjoyed it. Thought the lemon was soft and base-y, but liked how sweet, creamy and DAAP-y it is. But ID10-T got lemon meringue pie filling with fake movie theatre butter.
ID10-T tested at 2.25%. Emily tested at 2%.

SSA Rum with Honey:
Cheeba thought honey had musky, cat piss off note. Not much rum. Just a musky honey flavour. ID10-T thought the muskiness was kind of fungal. Overall pretty gross.
ID10–T tested at 3%

SSA Ice Candies:
Chemically, nail polish-ish, sweet blueberry-ish candy with a little koolada on the finish. Like a bad copy of INW Blue Dwarf with koolada.
ID10-T tested at 3.5%

SSA Blueberry:
ID10-T and EM thought was medicinal. More generic ‘blue’ flavour than blueberry. Emily found it very natural tasting. Bold, full flavoured. Gets deep with steep. She didn’t get anything medicinal.
ID10-T tested at 2.25%. Emily tested at 2%.

SSA Summer Fruits:
Supposed to be a mix of cherry, raspberry, strawberry and wild berries. Tastes like a raspberry peach. Has plastic off note. Sweet, but has lingering plastic.
ID10-T tested at 3%.

SSA Strawberry Milk (aka Milky Strawberry):
Cheeba thought it was fairly average. ID10-T thought was butiric, even after 6-8 days steep. Made him feel ill. Emily and Cheeba didn’t get any butiric. Emily thought it was decadent.
ID10-T tested at 2.75%. Emily tested at 2%.

SSA Malaysian Mango:
A lot of really strong peel. Tastes like Pine Sol mixed with pesticides. Nearly un-vapeable. Not pleasant.
ID10-T tested at 2.5%.

SSA Guava:
ID10-T got mustard off note. Got nice, fresh, tart and sweet guava underneath. Cheeba didn’t get mustard. Thought could be a bit more punchy. But fairly accurate. Slightly juicy. Nice sweetness.
ID10-T tested at 2.25%.

SSA Mocha Coffee:
EM got burnt, almost rancid tasting coffee. ID10-T thought was pretty burnt tasting. Maybe tested at too high of a %?
ID10-T tasted at 2.25%. But people have said it’s much better at 0.5%

SSA Milky Caramel Cream:
Emily got puke-y off note and a weird sharpness. Has a dark sweetness, but couldn’t get passed the sharp pukey-ness. ID10-T got fake movie theatre butter.
ID10-T and Emily tested at 2%

SSA Ripe Mango:
Identifiable as mango. But tastes cooked and has some peel. Has a bit of Pine Sol in the top notes. The sweetness in the base is too dark. Just doesn’t come together well.
ID10-T tested at 1%.

SSA Natural Raspberry:
ID10-T thought it had a funky, savoury aspect. Like raspberry cooked in chicken broth. But Emily thought that savoury note gave it some depth. She didn’t get any chicken broth.
ID10-T tested at 1.75%. Emily tested at 2%.

SSA Chocolate:
Possibly under flavoured as at 1% very light and soft. A bit Tootsie Roll-ish, has a bit of cherry-like sweetness and a weird spice note.
ID10-T tested at 1%. 1% probably too low?

SSA Ripe Cherry:
ID10-T got slight plastic off note. Good cherry underneath. Emily got no plastic, just a little sharpness. She thought was above average due to lack of off notes.
ID10-T and Emily did 2%.

SSA Black Tea:
ID10-T and EM thought it tasted like dirt. Sweet dirt.
ID10-T tested at 1.25%

SSA Creamy Pistachio:
Strong, distinct lime off note. Tastes like dipping pistachio in lime sherbet. Cheeba thought they nailed the creamy pistachio part.
ID10-T tested at 1.5%

SSA Cinnamon Apple Pie:
Cheeba thought was pretty harsh. ID10-T didn’t find it scratchy. Didn’t get any cinnamon. Just faint spice note. Cheeba got a little cinnamon at 3%, but didn’t get enough flavour overall.
Cheeba tested at 3%. ID10-T did 1.5%.

SSA Butter Cream:
Emily really liked it. Thought was really DAAP-y, smooth, rich, creamy. ID10-T didn’t disagree, but got pretty faint butiric note. Probably coverable. Very sweet. Emily didn’t get any sourness at all.
ID10-T tested at 3.25%. Emily tested at 2%.

SSA Natural Wild Strawberry:
Cheeba thought was pretty bright. Almost peachy. Berry, but not explicitly strawberry. ID10-T didn’t think was much like strawberry. Bit of wintergreen-ish cooling on the finish.
ID10-T tested at 2.25%

SSA Purple Plum:
ID10-T got under ripe plum with cooked plum. Top note is peel-y and too prominent, a little chemically. The body tastes like baked plum. Cheeba got bit of a perfume-y note in the skin.
ID10-T tested at 2%

SSA Apricot:
Tastes like real dried apricot, but with a touch of plastic. There’s better apricots – CAP and FLV in particular. TFA is a bit weird, but still tasty, kind of candied.
ID10-T tested at 1.25%

SSA Ripe Banana:
Emily thought there are better bananas, but it’s a fairly good one. ID10-T thought it was Runt-y with a green banana edge.
ID10-T tested at 1.75%

SSA Butterscotch:
Emily thought it was awesome. Really dark, rich and creamy. ID10-T thought it was like butterscotch made with fake movie theatre butter.
ID10-T tested at 2.25%. Emily tested a 2%.

SSA Caramel:
Tastes burnt. Really dark. Like burnt brown sugar.
ID10-T tested at 2.25%. Emily tested a 2%.

SSA Caramel Biscuit:
Emily thought tasted burnt. Got an almost roasted, coffee note. ID10-T thought it tasted less burnt than SSA Caramel. No chocolate.
Emily tested at 2%. ID10-T tested at 2.25%.

SSA Crisp Waffle:
A crunchy waffle cone. Has a griddle, like cooked on a waffle iron. EM, ID10-T and Cheeba thought was awesome. Griddle note a little earthy. Emily thought very dark, bit overly roasted.
Emily and EM tested at 2%. ID10-T tested at 1.25%. Cheeba tested at 3%.

SSA Shortbread Biscuit:
ID10-T got some sweet, buttery cookie, but mixed with uncooked flour. Emily didn’t get any uncooked flour. Got a crispy, dark cookie. Not very sweet. Nice buttery-ness and crispy note.
ID10-T tested at 2.75%. Emily tested a 2%.

SSA Fruit Hard Candy:
More like a soft candy texture than hard candy. ID10-T got a very slight plastic-y off note. Not any specific fruit, just a little citrus and berry. Like melted, watered down pack of Starburst.
ID10-T tested at 2.25%.

SSA Ice Cream Vanilla:
Emily and Cheeba thought it’s one of the better ice creams. Very thick, rich. Perfect, accurate, lingering vanilla ice cream finish. ID10-T thought wasn’t heavy or thick enough, more fluffy.
ID10-T tested at 1.75%. Emily tested a 2%. Cheeba tested at 4%.

SSA Candy Cuckoo:
EM didn’t like it as got fake chocolate note. ID10-T thought like Cocoa Puffs cereal with Irish cream. Got no hard candy. No cereal grain, but the chocolate identical to that in Cocoa Puffs.
ID10-T tested at 2%

SSA Candy Floss:
EM got no flavour at all. ID10-T thought just tasted ethyl maltol. Like spun sugar. But not really sweet. Also dry, thin and top heavy.
ID10-T tested at 2%

SSA Cocoa:
Like dark chocolate that’s a little stale. A little mild fruitiness to the sweetness. Nothing glaringly wrong with it.
ID10-T tested at 1%

SSA Sweet Coffee:
Sweet coffee, but mildly dirty. Mild dirtiness a bit like how clay smells. But doesn’t taste like skunk spray or burnt popcorn.
ID10-T tested at 1%

SSA Sweet Watermelon:
Emily got very bold, robust, flavourful, full watermelon. ID10-T got nice candy watermelon top note, but base is just dry, sweet, not much flavour- almost like watermelon cotton candy.
ID10-T and Emily tested at 2%

SSA Orange Juice:
Like orange slice gummy candies with a little lemon. Similar to a lot of orange flavours.
ID10-T tested at 1.5%

SSA Natural Lemon:
Emily liked how bright and tart it is. Plus doesn’t fade. But she found it a little astringent. ID10-T got a bit of a Pledge-y note.
ID10-T tested at 1.5%. Emily tested at 2%.

SSA Juicy Lemons:
Emily tested after 4 days. She thought it wasn’t as astringent as SSA Natural Lemon. ID10-T tested after 6-8 days, thought it had faded somewhat. Pretty bland, flat.
ID10-T tested at 3.5%. Emily tested at 2%.

SSA Marscapone Cream:
Kind of chalky and bland. Not gross. Not a lot of flavour.
ID10-T tested at 1.5%

SSA Classic Oat Flakes:
Not much fun as a SF. But a useful component in a recipe. Dry, uncooked oats. Really accurate. EM got off notes at 2%. Cheeba thought 3% was too high.
Use around 0.5%. ID10-T tested at 0.5%. Cheeba did 3%. EM did 2%.

SSA Grapefruit:
Cheeba thought it’s one of the better grapefruits. Really juicy. Sweeter than an actual grapefruit. ID10-T thought there was nothing wrong with it. But a bit middle of the road.
ID10-T tested at 1.5%.

SSA Ripe Pear:
Really nails the mealy texture of a pear. Like FA Pear, but much less juicy. Sweeter than FA. Good fullness and depth.
ID10-T tested at 3%. Emily tested at 2%

SSA Ripe Strawberry:
Very ripe and red. Natural. Good depth, darker than most strawberries. Emily thought it was very robust and full. While Cheeba thought could be punchier.
ID10-T tested at 2.5%. Emily tested at 2%.

SSA Borneo Vanilla:
EM thought was a decent vanilla bean, but nothing special. If you have FLV probably don’t need it.
ID10-T tested at 2.75%.

SSA Classic Vanilla:
Very basic vanilla. Subtly creamy, mild, lightly sweet.
ID10-T tested at 1.75%.

SSA Vanilla Sugar:
Starts with brighter vanilla, then dark, almost brown sugar, sweetness, then a good malty note. No off notes. Smooth.
ID10-T tested at 2.75%. Emily tested at 2%

SSA Sweet Yogurt:
Commercial, Danone style yoghurt. Emily thought was rich and creamy, smooth, sweet. ID10-T thought it was very chalky.
ID10-T tested at 2.5%. Emily tested at 2%.

SSA Sweet Cream:
Has interesting darkness, like has some brown sugar or caramel. Good range, brighter cream on top. Base is thick, rich, touch of buttery-ness. Sweeter than most sweet cream flavours.
ID10-T tested at 2.5%.

SSA Thai Pineapple:
Very natural. Flavourful, sweet. Cheeba and ID10-T thought wasn’t that juicy. EM thought was juicy. Could use more citrus-y bite. ID10-T got tiny onion-y edge at 3%. But easily covered.
ID10-T tested at 3%.

SSA Cornish Cream:
Delightfully mediocre. Kind of bland. A little butter, vanilla and caramel. Like a light whipped cream. Whipped cream or marshmallow-y texture.
ID10-T tested at 2.75%. Emily tested at 2%.

SSA Pitaya Dragonfruit:
Dragonfruit flavours are usually that white gummy bear type flavour. SSA is more like the real fruit. But dragonfruits aren’t all that tasty, have barely any flavour.
ID10-T tested at 1.25%

SSA Raspberry Blackberry Lemonade:
No lemonade. No identifiable raspberry or blackberry. More like a sweetened boysenberry. Chefs website says it contains ‘fresh mint’. But didn’t get any mint or cooling.
ID10-T tested at 2.25%

SSA Melon:
Like cantaloupe and honeydew mixed together. Ripe and very sweet. Really nice melon flavour, not rind-y. No off notes. ID10-T thought was a little dry for a melon. But could be fixed in a mix.
ID10-T tested at 2.25%. Emily tested at 2%

SSA Ice Cream:
A little dry. Almost like astronaut ice cream. Very sweet. A little airy. Lacks custard-y richness.
ID10-T tested at 2.5%

SSA Madagascar Vanilla:
A little boozy. Like actual vanilla extract with alcohol in it. Full bodied, really dark, malty vanilla. Lingering vanilla extract taste.
ID10-T tested at 3%

SSA Bubblegum:
Definitely tastes like bubblegum. More flavourful than a lot of other bubblegum flavours. Really bold. But a bit dry. ID10-T also got a little hint of a clove-ish tinge every few puffs.
ID10-T tested at 2.75%

SSA Peanut Butter:
Really good creaminess. It’s creamier and sweeter than many other PB flavours. Roasted peanut note. But has a bit of peanut skin. A bit more natural tasting than TFA PB.
ID10-T tested at 1.75%

SSA Green Tea:
Floral note, but it’s not as strong as in many other green tea flavours. Nothing else wrong with it. Sweet, has a little citrus.
ID10-T tested at 1.25%

SSA Golden Apple:
Red apple flesh with a little green apple skin that’s a bit more tart. Sweet. juicy, full flavoured. No off notes. Has a lot of nice flavour.
ID10-T tested at 1.25%

SSA Baked Apple:
Similar to PUR Country Apple. Has a bit of a peel note. Like a baked apple with the peel left on. Does taste cooked.
ID10-T tested at 2.5%

SSA Dessert Chocolate:
Chocolate cake. Like a Ding Dong without the cream filling. Not very moist or rich. Doesn’t taste like an expensive chocolate cake. Cake taste, but not the cake-y texture.
ID10-T tested at 1%

SSA Ripe Coconut:
Not sun tan lotion-y. Not as sweet and creamy as you’d usually want in a coconut flavour. More like natural coconut flesh. Kind of thin. No off notes besides a little citrus-ish brightness.
ID10-T tested at 1.75%

SSA Compote Cherry:
None of the usual cherry off notes. Tastes like cherry pie filling. Nice gummy-ish texture you’d expect from a cherry filling. Cheeba didn’t think it screamed cherry, but could pick it out.
ID10-T tested at 1.5%. Emily tested at 2%

SSA Raspberry Syrup:
Like Natural Raspberry, but a bit sweeter. Sticky sweetness. If you have INW Shisha Raspberry probably don’t need it.
ID10-T tested at 2.25%. Emily tested at 2%

SSA Juicy Cherries:
A bit less sharp than SSA Compote Cherry. Also a bit sweeter. Juicy. Good body. Could be a little bolder, a little soft.
ID10-T tested at 2%. Emily tested at 2%

SSA Sour Lime:
Not much sourness. But bright and has some tartness. ID10-T thought it tasted like lime-aid. It’s zesty and tart. Lingering lime flavour long after exhaling. It’s thick and sticks to your palate.
ID10-T tested at 2.75%. Emily tested at 2%

SSA Scandinavian Fruits:
Mixed berry. Only blueberry and blackberry identifiable. Sweet, syrupy and thick. Pleasantly artificial. A more syrupy, thicker version of FA Forest Fruits.
ID10-T tested at 2.5%.

SSA Dulce De Leche:
Actually authentic, not just rich brown sugar. Has buttery richness. Very gooey. ID10-T got slight butiric note, but gone after a few puffs. Emily didn’t get any sourness.
ID10-T tested at 2%. Emily tested at 2%

SSA Blackcurrant:
Vibrant, really deep. Accurate. Has a little ripe funky-ness. Natural, not candied. May be a little throaty for some.
ID10-T tested at 2.25%.

SSA Toffee:
Tastes like toffee. Has a good darkness. Good flavour. Doesn’t really have the sugary, crunchiness that VT has.
ID10-T tested at 2.25%. Emily tested at 2%

SSA Shortbread Cookie:
Very accurate to a shortbread cookie. Has some butter. Also a bit dry. Grainy and crumbly.
ID10-T tested at 2.5%. Emily tested at 2%

SSA Sweet Mandarin:
Clearly a mandarin as opposed to any other type of orange. Very sweet. Similar to VT Mandarin, could probably be 1:1 subs.
ID10-T tested at 2%.

SSA Forest Fruits:
Really tasty. Full, deep. Like a better and darker FA Forest Fruit. It’s more flavourful. Quite dark.
ID10-T tested at 1%. Emily tested at 2%

SSA Cranberry Jam:
(Discussed more fully on cranberry episode) Clearly cranberry. Soft in flavour, needs some help.
ID10-T tested at 1.5%.

SSA Cola:
Almost perfect. But a little soft and thin. Needs more body and syrupy cola depth. Great fizzy-ness. Bit overly citrus-y, but not off putting. Overall a really fantastic cola.
ID10-T tested at 2.5%.

SSA Cappuccino Coffee:
Really tastes like cappuccino. More of an instant powder mix cappuccino. Not Starbucks-ed, no caramel. Creaminess on point. Smooth. No off notes.
ID10-T tested at 1%.

SSA Cactus:
Like an aloe juice drink. But not juicy. INW Cactus has the great wet quality, which this is lacking.
ID10-T tested at 1%.

SSA Apple Strudel:
Very similar to WF Cinnamon Apple Strudel, but bolder and more flavourful. Cooked apple with some dough. Has some cinnamon. The dough is not too doughy.
ID10-T tested at 2.25%.

SSA Juicy Orange:
Mostly orange with a little tangerine or blood orange. A kind of hybrid of orange and tangerine. Has a flesh body, like a fruit. Darker and richer than a plain orange.
ID10-T tested at 1.5%.

SSA Ripe Peach:
Very natural peach. Lacks juiciness, which is easily fixed in a mix. Also not super bold.
ID10-T tested at 2%.

SSA Whipped Cream:
Similar to CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream but more sugary sweet. Bit drier and more marshmallow-y than FA Whipped Cream. Overall an awesome whipped cream. No off notes.
ID10-T tested at 2.75%.

SSA Milky Caramel Fudge:
Very rich. Gooey. Really delicious. ID10-T thought wasn’t dark and caramelised enough. More of a light tan colour caramel, rather than golden brown.
ID10-T tested at 2.75%.

SSA Sweet Mint:
Similar to INW Shisha Peppermint or FLV Peppermint. Similar sort of candy, extra cold peppermint. Extra cold, extra sweet.
ID10-T tested at 1.25%.

SSA Natural Mint:
The most natural tasting peppermint ID10-T has tried. Most others tend to taste like peppermint candy. So would be perfect for peppermint tea or tobacco. Smooth, no harshness.
ID10-T tested at 2%.

SSA Tiramisu:
Tiramisu, but lots Kaluha and light on everything else. Really good Kaluha. Lady Fingers too light. Has some sweet cream, but lacks richness. Even a light dusting of cocoa on the finish.
ID10-T tested at 2%.

SSA Multivitamin:
Really bright citrus-y fruit mix. Mostly pineapple with orange, lemon. Maybe red grapefruit? Other fruits too. Very flavourful. Unique. Very tasty.
ID10-T tested at 2%.

SSA Bakery Orange:
Really accurate baked orange. Cooking it changes the orange and it captures that perfectly. Comparable to the orange in a mulled wine.
ID10-T tested at 2.75%.

SSA Anise:
Accurate to anise. Similar to FA, but has more body and more flavour. A little sweetness. No off notes.
ID10-T tested at 2.25%.

SSA Irish Cream:
Could be more boozy. Could do with more creamy richness and thickness. But really tastes like Bailey’s Irish cream.
ID10-T tested at 2%.

SSA Garden Mint:
A great natural spearmint. Like eating a spearmint leaf. Most other mints are either candy or peppermint. Nothing else that capture’s that natural spearmint.
ID10-T tested at 1.25%.

SSA Nectarine:
Really accurate, natural nectarine. Deep, vibrant flavour. Juicy, sweet flesh. Skin is more red than normal. More base-y and less tart than TFA Nectarine.
ID10-T tested at 2.5%. Could probably be used higher. Probably 3-3.5%

Favourite flavours of the week:

Bakery Orange
Garden Mint
Natural Mint
Irish Cream

Milky Caramel Fudge
Forest Mix

Crisp Waffle
Scandinavian Fruits

Garden Mint



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