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Marshmallow E-liquid Flavor Notes

LA Marshmallow:

Not much flavour. Chemically off note when % pushed higher. Some brighter vanilla. Very sweet. Fairly thick, smooth. The texture pretty good, creamy and fluffy.



RF Marshmallow SC:

Funky toast like note. More of toast off note than MM. Although has some MM flavour. Thin, not thick and full like other MM flavours. Not very much vanilla. Slightly chemically.



CAP Whipped Marshmallow (SL):

Really soft, dull flavour. A plain vanilla. Light sweetness. Slight cheesy-ish tangy-ness above 1%. Under 1% mostly a whipped cream, a bit of MM and some good mouthfeel.

A good additive to custards and creams if kept under 1%.



MB S’mores Marshmallow Brownie:

More like moist, rich chocolate cake than brownie. MM tastes more like a MM frosting as not toasted. No graham. Mild sourness, but coverable. Sugar lips, probably contains sucralose.

ID10-T tested at 7%, steeped for 5-6 days. Had spoiled dairy of note at 7%. Keep below 3 or 4%.



FLV Marshmallow Treat:

Supposed to be a rice crispy treat. But nothing that would suggest that. Swampy, stewed berry type fruitiness. Malty, sticky sweet. Vaguely MM-ish note. Cereal is more like cardboard.



FW Marshmallow:

Slight black liquorice note, which is authentic to old fashioned MMs that were made with mallow root. Really sweet. Very thick.



CAP Marshmallow:

Viciously artificial, overly bright vanilla that’s slightly bitter and medicinal up front. Has sugary sweet depth, thickness, the gooey sweet inside of a MM. But vanilla just ruins it.



TFA Marshmallow DX:

Lightly plastic-y. Not a whole lot of flavour. But does have some decent mouth feel. A good sweetness. Nice, bright vanilla. But not much else to it.



WF S’mores Cupcake:

No graham cracker. Just chocolate cake and toasted MM. Really good rich cake-y body. The MM isn’t bad, but a bit faint. ID10-T found chocolate a bit rubbery. But 3-4% may be too high?

ID10-T tested at 3% and 4%. Fresh likes to use it around 1.5-2%.



FW S’more:

Just has graham and toasted elements of a s’more. So tastes more like a toasted graham cracker. Light touch of chocolate. Chocolate isn’t gross. Lacking the MM.



FW Toasted Marshmallow:

Doesn’t taste like toasted MM. More like a gritty sweetness. Not much vanilla. Has a little bit of a roasted nuttiness that’s almost savoury. Fresh thought it’s not a bad toasted MM if used low.



DEL Toasted Marshmallow:

Delightfully mediocre. Pretty good toasted note. But lacks some creaminess and fluffy-ness. Not dry. But thin, lacking some body. Would work to give a nice toasted top note to another MM.



OOO Marshmallow Cereal:

Really tastes like Lucky Charms. The right bland, lightly sweetened, oat-y cereal. Crispy, dehydrated marshmallow. Not a lot of MM. Mostly cereal. Cereal could be more frosted.

Need to use 8-9% for it to be full flavoured.



TFA Lucky Leprechaun:

Cereal almost non existent. Mostly dry, crispy MM. Nicely sweet. Some good body and nice thickness. Too much artificial, food colouring-like flavour. But can be fixed in a mix.



TFA Marshmallow:

Very useful ingredient. Not a great MM. Good vanilla note. Light buttery-ness. Loaded with EM. Can smooth sharpness, add fluffy volume, vanilla and sweetness. But can mute mixes.

If kept under 2% won’t get a lot of MM flavour, but it will smooth rough edges.



TFA Toasted Marshmallow:

Similar to TFA MM, but less versatile. Not a great toasted MM, but great ingredient. Great mouthfeel. More slightly caramelised than toasted. Contains a lot of EM. Tastes very warm.

Beginner friendly flavour if kept below 1%. Can be used above 1%, but can easily mute a recipe.



Coop’s Kiwi Bourbon by Coop34 (posted on ATF by ID10-T)



FLV S’more:

MM tastes slightly toasted. It’s sweet and fluffy. No graham cracker, besides some gritty and dry mouthfeel. Some above average, but slightly too dark, chocolate.

Use up to 1.5% max.



WF Marshmallow Gooey:

Very gooey, sticky. Like gooey inside of a MM. Delicious. No off notes. Really sweet, but not like EM or sucralose. Kind of powdery sweetness. Useful for adding volume and sweetness to a mix.



CNV (Chemnovatic) Marshmallow:

Pretty accurate to a really good, plain MM out of a bag. Not overly malty. Some nice gooey  mouthfeel. Sweet. Pretty similar to WF MM Gooey. Could probably use them interchangeably.



PUR Marshmallow:

A bit more realistic than CNV MM. Like a fresher, soft MM out of a bag. Or maybe like a homemade MM. Not overly malty. A really good MM.



FA Marshmallow:

Slightly too dark and malty. Not especially thick. Besides that pretty accurate to a MM. ID10-T thought was little dry, kind of powdery. Cheeba thought was pretty creamy and smooth.



FLV Marshmallow:

Super authentic. Mostly the powdery outside of a MM, but sells that really well. The vanilla is slightly too bright and too sharp. Could vape as SF if you just want MM.



WF Marshmallow Candy:

Very dense. Pretty sweet. No off notes. Really nice ‘floofy’ texture. Good mouthfeel without being overly thick. Can use it to fluff up almost anything. Good multi-use flavour, very versatile.



JF Marshmallow:

Really accurate dehydrated cereal MM. Dry, crunchy. Not at all creamy. Really sugary, but not like sucralose or EM. Vanilla is a little bright, artificial. Pretty specific, not very versatile.

Pretty potent. Use around 1.5%. Probably around 2% max.



FLV Marshmallow Vanilla:

Really great authentic MM. Like a homemade MM. Very thick and full, but also kind of airy. Mouth coating. Vanilla is fairly light, very natural, blended into the MM. Powdery finish like a MM.



OOO Marshmallow Vanilla:

Amazing mouthfeel. Silky. Fills your mouth and coats your whole palate. Captures all elements of a MM. Floofy texture. Has outside of a MM and dry, powdery sugar. Great vanilla. Versatile.

Full flavoured as a SF at 2%. Fresh uses 0.5-0.8% in a mix to add sweetness, texture etc. Tastes good as SNV. After 3-5 days gets really good. Gets better the longer it steeps.



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