Best DIY Recipe Submitted? | Midweek Critique Highlights

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The video above shows my review of Dellvapes “Apple Butterscotch Custard V6” recipe, in which was submitted last week on Midweek Critique. This recipe brings a delicious and extremely accurate apple custard recipe, that’s drizzled with sticky butterscotch syrup. Easily one of the best original recipes submitted to the show thus far. Below is the recipe…

Dellvapes – Apple Butterscotch Custard V6 

Apple Pie (CAP)3.50
Butter Rum (LA)2.50
Butterscotch, Natural (FW)3.00
Custard (Crema Pasticcera) (FA)2.00
Fuji Apple (FA)3.00
Super Sweet (CAP)0.50
Vanilla Custard II (TPA)3.00


Be sure to tune into Midweek Critique every Wednesday 5pm est / 2pm pst. You can also submit your recipe for review by watching the show on Twitch, and redeeming your channel points here to purchase the “Critique Recipe” item. 


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