Amethyst / Stwarbmelon / Sharkleberry | Midweek Critique

DIY e-Liquid Recipe Reviews

MrJWP08 – Stwarbmelon

Review: MrJWP is here and he’s bringing us a watermelon, strawberry fruit blend that’s great for summertime offerings. Unfortunately, like many of these types of fruit blends, it fails to impress or create any meaningful mark. The flavor brings a watermelon forward flavor, with a light juicy strawberry body, but the execution fails to really pull it together. This mix, first off, brings too much to the table. The watermelon choices, like INW Watermelon, didn’t create an accurate nor tasty top note. It feels far too rindy and natural (in a bad way). This is then pulled lower by the watery strawberry base, that fights to show its face in the recipe. And the addition of INW Dragonfruit / FA Raspberry does nothing to the recipe except water it down further. It needs a lot of work, but most of all, an identity, to score anything more than average.

Final Score:

2 / 5

Gachatay – Sharkleberry Finn

Review: This week we take a random victim, so I chose award winner Gachatay’s Sharkleberry Finn recipe (nominated from the chat). This mix aims to recreate a childhood drink, a Kool-aid blend that goes by the same name. While I haven’t had this drink, vaping this mix immediately brought out feelings of nostalgia – it’s a flavor I’ve had before but can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s a citrusy, sweet, and bright blend, with light tropical notes. It’s like bubblegum, meets berry, meets orange. An odd mix, but tasty nonetheless. Of course the mix is brilliantly balanced, with no one flavor added that doesn’t have a purpose. But I do wish it was far, far more saturated. Kool-aid is a blast you in the face type profile, and this is far too soft for it to be called Kool-aid. Overall, it’s hella tasty.

Final Score:

3 / 5

Joe_Roots – Amethyst (WINNER!)

Review: Joe Roots brings us his very odd, lightly floral but fruity, citrus blend mix. This mix takes the base of FW Blood Orange, infuses it with the odd, yet natural FLV Pink Guava, and adds a light Violet note to it, to create this “purple” like profile with fun flavor with a ton of intrigue. It’s truly hard to describe, but “purple citrus” is probably an accurate representation. It’s an ambitious profile, and I love to reward ambition. The issue I have with it, is that it’s a bit too vague. Even Joe states he’s not sure what it is. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I would love to have some sort of goal to the recipe. Meaning, I’d love it to tell a story, or have some type of goal to achieve. If it’s goal is to be vague, then it succeed. But I think going back and figuring out what to “do” with this profile will help it tremendously. Overall, just vape it. It’s really interesting and a great showcase of mixing theory.

Final Score:

3.5 / 5




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