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Champagne DIY Flavor Notes:

WF Champagne Soda:
Not supposed to be champagne. Based on a soda. WF CS tastes exactly like baby powder. Even has the powdery texture. Smells like bubblegum in the bottle.
Tested at 1%, 1.5%

INW Sparkling Wine:
Mostly tastes like champagne, a little bubbly, slightly boozy. But strong bubblegum off note. Too bright, lacks depth. At 3% boozy-ness was a bit rhubarb-ish and almost a little camphorous.
Emily tested at 2%. ID10-T tested at 1% and 3%

TFA Champagne:
Not a very good champagne. More of white grape juice flavour. Not fizzy. Not very sweet. A little fermented in a yeasty way if % pushed up. Not very bold.

FA Wine Champagne (White Sparkling Wine):
Not that flavourful. Not at all fizzy. More like white wine than champagne. Too fermented to be white grape juice. Sweet. Emily and Concrete thought it was underwhelming.
At 2% fairly soft. At 3% rotten grapes.

FW Pink Champagne:
Tastes very pink. Cavity inducingly sweet. Has some powdery-ness, like a nod to effervescence. Not really boozy. Like flat, non alcoholic sparkling white grape juice, only pink.

LA Sparkling Wine:
Pretty sweet. Has a bit of a mineral taste that kind of mimics fizzy-ness. Not really boozy, but fermented enough that it is definitely a champagne. Deep, full bodied.

FLV Morning Mimosa:
A really good flavour. But a bit prison wine-ish. Has a deep, mild funkiness about it. Identifiable as champagne. Decent bubble-ish effect, some zesty citrus up front. Orange note is really good.
If used too high that funk tends to dominate a mix.

VT Blood Orange Champagne:
Really accurate champagne. Orange is Kool-Aid-ish. It’s artificial and a bit cheap tasting. Orange also limits versatility. But really tasty and really good as a SF. Very robust. Has a great fizz.
Can use it at 6-7% as a SF. Effective down around 2%.

FLV Brut Bubble Wine:
Excellent sparkling wine flavour. Tastes a bit like FLV Morning Mimosa, but not quite so funky. It’s also more crisp and effervescent. A little boozy. Has a bit of an apple note.
At 3% and above gets bubblegum-y. 1% is effective.

DIY or DIE Sang Petillant (one shot):
Delicious, relaxing flavour. Like a citrus blend mimosa that’s mostly natural blood orange juice with a splash of white grapefruit. Quite a lot of brighter, nicely bitter white grapefruit.

Grunch by Kopel (ATF)

Giant Swan by ConcreteRiver (available as a one shot) (ELR)

Prissy Pomeranian Champagne by MECH_MOD_RN (ATF)

Sparkle Berry by JoJo (ELR)

Pink and Orange Champagne by JOE ROOTS (ATF)

Kream Soda by KAYN Sugar (ELR)

Mesters Bellini by MesterWard (ATF)

Holiday Cranberry Gin Fizz by MECH_MOD_RN (ATF)

Celebrate: Berry Mimosa by TamVapes (ATF)

Rosa Resolutions by Developed (ATF)

Ginger Peach Bellini by MECH_MOD_RN (ATF)

Mango Champagne by MaxSavage (ATF)

Blueberry Champagne by Developed (ATF)

123 Poinsettia by hibbadoray (ATF)


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