Ripple / Apple Butterscotch / Cookie Dough RY4 | Midweek Critique

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DIY e-Liquid Recipe Reviews – 11/25/20

Kurplop – Ripple 2020

2020 Ripple


A couple of the new wonder flavours are used here. The rest is more of a classic dessert tobacco. On the shake it's great, tobacco foreword, give it a couple weeks for that candy and tobacco to bond and it's candy foreword with nice RY4 notes. This is a great mix, vape and enjoy!


CAP Super Sweet     0.25%FLV Red Burley     0.75%FW Butterscotch Ripple     1%LA Butter Rum     2%TPA Ry4 Double     4%WF Crumble Topping SC     3%WF Shortbread Cookies SC     2.5%

Total Flavor: 13.5%

Review: New victim Kurplop sends in his latest recipe which aims to provide a silky butterscotch flavor with tobacco and rum notes laid in. And overall, he does an excellent job! The use of LA Butter Rum adds an unmistakable and accurate butterscotch note, that brings the flavor forward while also making sure it’s stickier notes sit in the back. The finish is then accompanied by a great RY4 and FLV Red Burley tobacco flavor that helps “mature” the flavor. While the butterscotch is a bit bright, and I wish it had a bit more deepness overall, it provides a great contrast. It needs a bit of refinement to come together a bit better, and I think the pastries only distract  away from the body, but some work could make this recipe great

Final Score:

 3 / 5

Slushy – Cookie Dough RY4

[vcc-recipe-hook recipe=16774]

Review: Slushy is back with another recipe, this time he’s going after my own profile, Obsidian. His goal was to recreate Obsidian with only Flavorah flavorings. And for the most part, he’s done a good job of it. Of course, the original source is one of my favorite recipes (I know I’m biased). So I didn’t want to score Slushy’s mix based on that, since it’s a remix. But as a remix, the use of FLV Native Tobacco along with FLV Cookie Dough does a good job of emulating Obsidian. Unfortunately, it’s lacking the thick bakery notes and sugar cookies that sit in the middle of the profile and some of the “snap” that comes with that. But as an emulation, it’s not bad at all.

Final Score:

4 / 5

Dellvapes – Apple Butterscotch Custard V6 (WINNER!)

Review: This is Dellvapes second time on the show. And man, did he pull out a stunner. This profile is like the name suggest. It’s an Apple forward custard with butterscotch notes laid into the body. The apple sits right on the top, but doesn’t distract away from either the custard nor the butterscotch. In fact, all the flavors help each other out. The custard helps give the butterscotch some “weight”, which is often a flavor that gets too thin. The butterscotch helps give the apple that extra bit of contrast to allow it to pop, without distracting away from other profiles. And the apple helps make the custard flavor feel more accurate, by incorporating some flavor bias that was innovatively used. The execution was also done beautifully with all the flavors being perfectly balanced. My only critique would be to bring a touch more egg to the custard to help give it a touch more weight and accuracy to become “perfect”. But as it stands it’s EXTREMELY close to a perfect mix, and easily one of the best we’ve had on the show. Well done

Final Score:

4.5 / 5




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