My Thoughts on “You Don’t Know Nicotine” Documentary

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A Complete 180

The video above details my full thoughts on Aaron Biebert’s latest documentary “You Don’t Know Nicotine”. I wasn’t the biggest fan of his first documentary, “A Billion Lives”. While it was filled with great information, it was a chore to watch. What felt like a series of uninterrupted drawn out interviews, with no clear narrative – I appreciated it but it wasn’t something I was willing to recommend people to watch. Mainly because I knew it wouldn’t engage those who don’t care about the vaping technology.

This film, however, is a complete 180 from the first. It brings a strong filmic narrative that engages the viewer, is shot extremely well, and the editing keeps a great pace that has you wondering about the questions being asked. I was not only impressed by Biebert’s growth as a filmmaker, I was impressed with just how much was done with such a small budget. This film is a referendum on nicotine as we know it and is currently the best piece of media to encompass the advances of the vaping technology, and the scoundrels looking to take it down.

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  1. Thank you. I wish I started watching and following years ago. There’s so much content here… I love it! I’m a huge vape supporter and have been watching the other Vape Advocate Grimm Green for several years now and I’m glad I can add this channel now too. Thank you Wayne.

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