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Wine DIY e-Liquid Flavoring Reviews:

OOO Merlot:
Has pink bubblegum base. Like pink bubblegum mixed with grape bubblegum and some earthiness and grape skin notes on the finish.
Sam tested at 3%. Cheeba tested at 4%, may have been a bit too high.

FW White Wine:
Not a lot of flavour, pretty soft at 2% and 3%. Sweet white grape with a side of yeast. Fermented, but in the same way beer is. No boozey-ness. Just yeasty. Unpleasantly thick.
ID10-T tested at 2%. Sam tested at 3%.

FW Merlot:
CONTAINS SUGAR SYRUP. As SNV light in flavour. More present after steep. Similar beer type yeasty note to FW White Wine. A little sweet. Grape lacks depth. Lacks some tannin bitterness.

FW Wine Red:
More reminiscent of a pink moscato or blush. Semi sweet. Tasted like red wine with some of the sourness, but none of the bitterness. Pretty dry flavour. Not like wine is dry, just dry.

OOO Red Wine:
Very grape-y. Dark grape, not a white grape. Tastes like a hard candy that is supposed to taste like wine. Like you’d expect an artificial wine flavour to taste like.

FLV Moscato:
Does moscato well. But gets floral if pushed too high. Same sort of floral as lychee or a floral peach. Very sweet, like moscato. Thick, white grape juice-ish.
Use at 0.25-0.5%. Gets floral above that. ID10-T tested at 0.75%, was floral. Sam tested around 0.5-0.7%.

FLV Sangria:
Thick, med-sweet red grape base. Some darker berry notes. Stone fruit top and mid note, peach or apricot? Delicious, but lacks citrus and booze sangria usually has. More like fruit punch.

FA Wine White:
Half semi-sweet white table wine half white grape juice. Not floral. Not really boozy. Could easily pass for a white grape flavour in a mix. Probably best white grape flavour ID10-T has ever tried.
Tested at 1.5%. A little light at 1.5%. Could prob. push to around 3%, seems like would be more of a wine. (Not avail. in USA due to DAAP content)

FA Wine Red:
Very much a wine. Dry like a wine is dry. Tannic, like Cabernet. Not as sweet or fruity as Merlot. Slight sharp boozey-ness. Rich, like some wines are rich. Lingering oak-y-ness. No off notes.
(Not avail. in USA due to DAAP content)

FW Blush Chablis:
Fairly light in flavour. ID10-T thought really accurate to a White Zinfandel or a Rose wine. No off notes. Very sweet. Lacks a bit of bite. Cheeba thought it was a little dry.
ID10-T tested at 2%. Sam tested at 3%. May be bolder at higher %?


Cheap Date by Thadentman (ATF)

The Grapist by EyeM2sRus (ATF)

Drippin’ Churries by EyeM2sRus (ATF)

Epic PB&J by Jennifer Jarvis (ELR)

Drunken Cookies by matthewkocanda (ATF)

Flawed Vacations in Spain V2 (fizzy sangria) by MotherPunker (ATF)

Layerz – Moscato Nectar by Deetzz (ATF)



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