Currant! / LMT Custard / Berry Crunch | Midweek Critique


Sanctum – Cap N’ Custard

Here we have Sanctum’s second submission to MWC. His first being a delicious strawberry & cream thanks to the smart use of Chemnovatics Strawberry. Unfortunately, his second submission doesn’t quite live up to the hype of the first. This is meant to be a Captain Crunch flavor blended into a rich Custard. But it ends up tasting like a muddy cheap crunch berry, buried beneath a vague and muddy blend of creams. I think the recipe needs some extra brightness on the top, to help pull the Berry Crunch forward and through the deluge of heavy creams involved. It will also help with the accuracy and give the recipe much needed clarity. Also, the creams chosen don’t really pair well with the flavor of the Crunch, creating an unpleasing flavor profile. A miss.

Final Score:

2 / 5

Screwdriver – Persianise Currant 

Damn, I had high hopes for this recipe. What Screwdriver is going for is an Anise / Currant blend, similar to the Euro Berry Licorice/Anise blends, but instead with Sweet Currant, one of my favorite fruits on the market. Unfortunately, the execution doesn’t pan out. First off, the recipe is using far too much sweetener, with 1% of CAP Sweet Candy, on top of 0.5% of CAP Super Sweet. Next, there seems to be an odd off-notes that lands right in the middle of the profile, that’s hard to get past. It’s as if the WF Sour Gummy is clashing with the Sweet Currant. All of this muddles any anise note. I think removing the Sour Gummy and Sweet Candy, along with refining the recipe, can produce that exciting profile I was looking for.

Final Score:

2.5 / 5

Mindfloodz – LMT Custard (WINNER!)

Mindfloodz drops us this tasty, and traditional, Lemon Meringue Tart with Custard with his LMT Custard recipe. This is easily the best recipe of the bunch, providing a nice and smooth Lemon Meringue experience, followed by a light and fluffy whipped cream like finish. Now, it’s definitely more of a cream or meringue than a custard. I think adding more “egg” will help bring more accuracy to the mix. But overall, the use of VT Lemon Meringue Tart at 4%, paired up with a simple and effective Custard blend, with the FA Apple Pie’s flaky crust and lightly honeyed flavor, produce a really pleasing and tasty mix. If you’re a Lemon Tart fan, this isn’t anything new. But it’s simple, and it sure is tasty.

Final Score:

3.5 / 5




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