There’s Nic in the Ice Cream | Wake Up with Wayne: Ep. 32

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The Anti’s Are Now Justice Warriors!?

In this jam packed episode of Wake Up, the Tobacco Moms are back with their podcast after a one month hiatus, this time we reveal how one of their guests lies to feign virtue. I then take a look at how a new study shows ceramide ratios are affected by cigarettes, but not by HnB or e-cigs. I completely destroy this video from Business Insider and their take on the history of Juul. We learn that Vaping + Counseling is more effective than just counseling in helping people quite. The Truth Organization attempts to co-opt the BLM and Social Justice movements pushing thier disgusting and false agenda. We learn that vaping needs more research on BOTH sides to determine cancer risks, and of course much more.

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