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Peppermint DIY E-liquid Flavor Notes:

TFA Slim Mint Cookie:
(Also discussed on Chocolate Cookies episode) Concentrate jet black and very thick. Like soggy brown bread with a little mollasses-y darkness and waxy mint cream. No chocolate.
Tested at 2% and 4%.

FW Chocolate Mint:
Concentrate very dark brown and thick. A little bit of mint, possibly peppermint, under a lot of bad chocolate. Chocolate tastes bitter, dry and dirty like soil.

JF Mint:
Tastes like peppermint mouthwash. Very sharp, astringent and thin. Lingering sweetness that is a little bitter, like an artificial sweetener.

JF Spearmint:
A really good spearmint hard candy. Not to be confused with JF Mint.

TFA Peppermint II:
ID10-T got icy peppermint with some natural, leafy mint behind it. Rotten fruit on finish. Hex thought tasted the same as original. Cheeba preferred version II as mint not so strong, thought original had slight mouthwash feel.
ID10-T tested at 4%. Maybe too high? Cheeba and Hex tested at 2%

Not Peppermint:

CdD (Club de Dampfer) Waldminze:
Wintergreen with extra menthol. Some slightly dark, sweet body.

FW Double Mint Gum (aka FW Stick Gum 2X Mint):
Not peppermint. Fairly soft spearmint top note. Creepily authentic to stick of gum. Has powdery coating and the kind of bland thickness of gum. Nice, mellow sweetness. Limited versatility.

SSA (Sobucky Super Aroma) Garden Mint:
A really great spearmint. Very green, herbal tasting spearmint with a little extra sweetness. The most natural tasting spearmint ID10-T has had.

Mixed Mints:

INW Natural Mint:
Very natural and herbal. Mostly spearmint with a little burst of peppermint up front. Green leafy mint on the finish. Very fresh. Nice herbaceous quality. Pretty icy.
Tested at 0.5% and 0.75%. Very potent. Around 0.5-0.75% for SF. Around 0.25% in a mix.

WF Double Mint:
Primarily peppermint, also quite a lot of spearmint. Like the type of mint you’d get from a peppermint and spearmint gum. Nice body, a little syrupy sweetness. No off notes.

TFA Peppermint:
Peppermint with a little herbal spearmint. ID10-T also got hint of citrus. Very sweet. Robust. Pretty icy. Complex, so could clash with other things in a mix. But very refreshing SF.
Can use around 7% as a SF in a pod.

INW Mixed Mint:
Definitely peppermint and spearmint. Very crisp. Pretty similar to INW Natural Mint. Both are not very sweet. Natural Mint is a little more herbal.
Very potent, just as much so as INW Natural Mint.

Below Average, But Not Bad Peppermints:

CdD (Club Der Dampfer) Minze-Kaugummi:
Bold, icy peppermint up front followed by classic pink bubblegum. Pepto-Bismal-ish taste and texture, thick and chalky. Strange. Limited versatility.

OOO Chocolate Peppermint Candy:
Peppermint isn’t very strong. Chocolate is dominant note. But more like Carob than chocolate. A little woody. Cardboard-y, sawdust-y note. Has a nice sweetness.

VT Creme De Menthe:
More accurate to other CDM flavours, but not as pleasant. Sweet peppermint with extra sweet, slightly creamy finish. Some boozy-ness, but with the peppermint tastes very mouthwash-y.

FLV Mint Candy:
(Pre-release flavour) A bit like a mixed mint jelly candy. Unidentifiable mint, but leans more towards peppermint. Has very little menthol cooling. Thick, sticky, sweet body. Pretty tasty.

FW Creme De Menthe:
Not very authentic and no booze, which may be positives. Like the inside of a York Peppermint Patty, but with less minty cooling. Very sweet and mild. Touch of thick creaminess.
Tested at 3% and 4%. Usually used around 2% in a recipe.

Very Average:

Bickford Peppermint:
Mostly a no frills, candy cane type peppermint. Fairly soft in flavour, while also being a little harsh.

FW Candy Cane:
Basic peppermint, no off notes. A little sweet. Very simple and one dimensional. Reads vaguely as candy as so one dimensional. But nothing else that makes it specifically a candy.

LB Peppermint:
Underwhelming, basic. Candy cane type peppermint. Sweet, but not candy sweet. Not that icy, but has some bite. Very lightly creamy-ish body. Not thin, medium. Overall very average.
Tested at 4%

FA Peppermint (Mild Winter):
Nothing wrong with it. Very similar to LB Peppermint. Could probably use them interchangeably. A little more concentrated than LB. 1.5% FA is probably about equal to about 2% LB.
Tested at 3%

DEL Peppermint:
Mostly basic, candy cane type peppermint with a touch of spearmint. Not overly icy. A little sweet, but not candy sweet. Tastes like the little discs of peppermint candy.

Different in a Good Way, Or At Least Good to ID10-T:

CAP Cool Mint:
Liquified Tic-Tacs. Very sweet, very candied. Good amount of sweet vanilla. Lightly creamy, very smooth. A little extra menthol bite, like a Tic-Tac.

CAP Peppermint:
Very authentic candy cane. Simple, bright, plain peppermint flavour. Very sugary sweet. Creamy-ish, syrupy-ish candy base. Appropriate level of minty bite. Pretty much a perfect candy cane.
Tested at 4% and 9%. Pretty weak in potency, 9% good as SF.

LB White Chocolate Peppermint:
A great flavour. Peppermint is average. White chocolate is below average. But really good together. Predominantly peppermint with a bit of white chocolate.
Use at around 9-10% as a SF. Around 5-6% in a recipe where it’s a fairly prominent component.

Extra Icy:

INW Shisha Peppermint:
Extra icy. Super mentholated. Almost painfully cold. Candy type peppermint. Sweet, syrupy base. More menthol than peppermint.
Very potent. Tested at 0.5%.

SSA Sweet Mint:
Extra mentholated, icy peppermint. A thick, sweet, candy base. Lingering coldness. The icy-ness is about the level of Altoids.
Highly concentrated. Tested at 1.25%, which was plenty

FLV Peppermint:
Very clearly peppermint. Like a candy peppermint, but not very sweet. Pretty intensely icy. Not a whole lot of body, but not thin.

Top Peppermints:

FLV Creme De Menthe:
Not very authentic, but really, really tasty. A rich, smooth, creamy, full flavoured peppermint. Has a fair bit of nice, sweet chocolate.

PUR Butter Mint:
Really tasty. Really mellow on the mentholated minty-ness. Creamy, mellow. A little rich. Like the chewy after dinner mints. Some sweetness.
Tested at 3%

FM Tobacco Bastards No. 21 Mint:
Predominantly really good peppermint. Quite sweet, but more herbal. Menthol slightly exaggerated. Tobacco is authentic, mellow, blonde, hay-like tobacco. Just not much of it.

SSA Natural Mint:

Really accurate, natural, leafy green peppermint. Mentholation just right for a natural mint. Has nice depth. Slightly sweet. Perfect for peppermint tea.


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