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DIY E-liquid Recipe Reviews – 11/11/20

Wom-Bimbler – White Green Clone

So here we have Wom-Bimbler’s latest recipe. In a turn of events, I allowed Wom to send in a different recipe, mainly because the one he sent in initially didn’t see to be too good. Luckily, this was much better than what he initially submitted! This is a Key Lime cheesecake like recipe, with a light bakery note on the finish. The Fruit Circles + Key Lime really adds a unique citric dynamic I haven’t really tasted before. Unfortunately, it does seem to be dominated by the “noob” cream base. I say “noob” because it’s clear there was a bit too much of a focus on building out the most creamy of bases. What ends up happening is that things just end up muted. This recipe needs a lot more work to get to a place that’s above average, but the notes and how they play together is a good start.

Final Score:

2.25 / 5

Thomasboy42 – Cherry Cheesecake with Crumble Topping

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This is a very simply made Cherry Cheesecake with a complex flavor profile. What I really love about this recipe is that it doesn’t try to muck things up with tons of flavorings. Only just a few ingredients, TFA Cherry Extract, INW Cheesecake, and WF Crumble Topping, come together to produce a flavor that’s quite close to the name. I think where this recipe falls short is the cherry. TFA Cherry Extract just doesn’t have the power or potency that’s needed to stand up against the heavy creams and bakeries of INW Cheesecake and WF Crumble Topping. I think focusing on building out a great sticky and saturated Cherry will give the recipe the much needed depth. Like the first, it’s a good start, but needs a lot of work to get to above average.

Final Score:

2.5 / 5


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So the winner this weeks comes from brand new mixer exPEARiMINTalMIXER with his Black Ice which is a licorice and blackberry ice recipe. Another really simple mix that uses TFA Black Currant, TFA Blackberry, and CAP Licorice, along with some WS-23 to provide a Heisenberg like flavor. I really love the idea of blending Black Currant with Blackberry to provide a deep, yet sweet, berry note. This paired up with the sweeter CAP Licorice, provides a flavor that’s right up my alley. While the entire recipe is quite deep, I’d love to see some depth added by either adding some extra brightness, or by contrasting the deep flavor with something even deeper. Overall, it’s easily the winner of the pack with the most refined, well balanced, and best tasting recipe this week.

Final Score:

3.5 / 5

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