A New Era | Wake Up with Wayne: Ep. 31

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Here we go again!

A new president has been crowned and many anti-vaping politicians are already gearing up to attack the Vaping industry. First off we discuss how Dick Durbin, someone who is enemy no. 1 of the Tobacco Harm Reduction movement, is pressuring the FDA to release the list of companies who have submitted PMTA’s. We also discuss how the vaping industry has crowned their first billionaire. We learn some anti-vape politicians have NOT won their re-election, an Italian vape advocacy group is looking to retract some bad anti-vaping studies, New Zealand cig sales are in decline thanks to vaping, Canada is starting to clamp down, and UK vape shops were asked to shut down during the second lockdown due to Covid (though this was proven false live on air). Tons of news to learn, so make sure to catch up on the latest episode!

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