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Gingerbread DIY E-liquid Flavoring Reviews:

Herrlan Lebkuchen:
Ginger potpourri. Really hard to even vape.
Tested at 2% (within Herrlan’s recommended use range)

EUR Gingerbread:
ID10-T got rich, thick bakery base, ginger with very strong turmeric note. Also a perfumey note. RUG_ly got a lot of turmeric. No texture, creaminess or bakery. Some skunky-ness on the finish.
RUG-ly tested at 4%. ID10-T tested at 3%

FW Gingerbread:
Very similar to EUR Gingerbread. Also has strong turmeric, curry-ish off note. But has really thick, rich, heavy bakery base. A lot of texture, a lot of butter. Like curry on some dark bread.

TFA Gingerbread:
ID10-T got no bakery. Ginger tastes like ginger ale or candy. Lots of cinnamon, tastes like Red Hots. RUG_ly got lots of clove and nutmeg. No texture or body. Dark fruity note. Very dry.

TFA Gingerbread Extra Ginger:
A bit pumpkin spice-ish. Cinnamon, ginger and clove. But no nutmeg. Despite the name ginger, cinnamon and clove fairly well balanced. No bakery at all. Fairly accurate to a bakery spice mix.
Tested at 2% and 1%. 2% too strong. 1% is a fairly good %, useable.

TFA Gingerbread Cookie:
ID10-T got mostly gingerbread. Ginger. Rich, thick, bready. But had almost smokey, perfume off note. RUG_ly got noticeable ginger, bakery note. But a lot of AP, some corn chip flavour.
ID10-T and RUG_ly tested at 3%.

HS Gingerbread:
Even at 3% its still pretty light in flavour. Between gingerbread and rye bread. Top heavy. Some warm, bakery ginger spice. Not much flavour beyond initial hint of ginger and bread. A bit dry.
Tested at 2% and then 3%.

INW Spicy Biscuit:
Like cinnamon forward pumpkin spice. Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg or all spice and touch of clove. Nice balance of spices. Nice buttery, soft cookie on the end. Interesting and tasty flavour.
Tested at 2% and 3%. At 3% spice didn’t become overwhelming and bakery more prominent.

OOO Gingerbread Cookie:
Tastes just like ginger snap up front. Dark, crisp, ginger cookie. But light & lacks body. Thin and blank on the end. ID10-T got ripe banana off note at 6%. RUG_ly got yeasty dough-ish note at 8%.
ID10-T tested it at 3% and 6%. RUG_ly pushed it up to 8%.

NF Organic Gingerbread:
Has some ginger, a little cinnamon. But mostly a very dark molassess-y tasting sweetness, but dry. No bread. Very, very dry. Lacks any of the richness you’d want from a bakery.

INW Gingerbread:
A lot of ginger not a lot of bread. Ginger is very good. Tastes like it’s been baked in. But missing the bakery. Ginger is very strong. Mellows a bit after steeping.
RUG_ly tested at 1%. ID10-T tested at 1.5%. Use around 0.25% for ginger note.

INW Falcon Eye:
Supposed to be a ginger tobacco. But mostly just ginger.

FLV Ginger Snap:
Concentrate very dark in colour and sediment in bottle. Fairly accurate. Lots of dark, molassess sweetness. Some soft cookie, touch of ginger. Lacks a bit of ginger and some texture.

FM (Flavor Monks) Speculaas:
Some pleasant, really dark cookie notes. A lot of molasses, some butter. Ginger note is extremely good. It blends really well with cookie note and creates very convincing texture.
Tested at 3% and 5%.

CAP Gingerbread:
Lovely ginger bakery spice note with a rich, sweet, cakey body. Has a really nice butteriness. Only issue is that it’s too light, lacks some molasses or dark sweetness.

Oatmeal Cream Pie by Folkart (ATF)

Elevenses by DazCole (ATF)

Ginger Lemon Cream by Rugly (ELR)

Xmas Vanilla Pudding by Besejuiced (ATF):


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