How to Clone E-liquid: Part 3 – Starting Off Flavorings

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Starting Off Your DIY Clone The Right Way

Welcome to Part 3 of “How to clone e-liquid” – where in this installment I’m going to show you how to choose the right ingredients to start off. This part is possibly the MOST difficult aspect of the entire process. We’ve chosen our e-liquid to clone. We’ve identified our “Defining Characteristic”. And now we need to take that Defining Characteristic and translate it into flavorings. This process is not only difficult, but time consuming, and it can be expensive. Especially if you’re a newer mixer who doesn’t have much knowledge of other ingredients, nor knowledge of your own palate. This step is actually the reason why I believe new mixers shouldn’t even attempt cloning.

Nonetheless, we’ve landed on this portion of the process, so let’s get moving. In the video above, I give you examples of how I translated a few defining characteristics from different e-liquids into flavorings. Rather than re-write each example, I just suggest you watch the video above. Writing out this step actually makes this process seem much more difficult than it already is. So take a look at the video above, see how I take each defining characteristic from each e-liquid and use a series of tips to help me translate them into flavorings that we will use in our next step, batching.





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