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Cranberry DIY Flavoring Notes

CAP Cranberry:
Just very meh. Thin, sweet. No real off notes. But not particularly tart. Deeper, sweet, almost cranberry- but not quite. More of just a darker red fruit.
At higher %s it starts to get a bit medicinal and perfumey.

TFA Cranberry:
Has tartness, like a fresh cranberry. Emily got a green note. ID10-T found it a bit minty and yet warm. Contains ethyl alcohol and menthol. Boozy and astringent before steeping.

TFA Cranberry Sauce:
like a very red candy. No real off notes. Sweet, waxy, blatantly red. But not cranberry. Like a worse version of CAP 27 Fish. Very slightly tart. Thick, but not quite gummy. Smooth.

CdD (Club Der Dampfer) Cranberry:
More like a red grape, tart and sweet. Not a bad red grape. The tartness up front is a lot like red grape skin. The body tastes specifically red, as opposed to a white or purple grape.

FW Cranberry:
Tastes more like cranberry than any other berry, but not totally accurate. Sweet Tart kind of body, but with a natural element. A little floral, but not perfumey.
ID10-T tested at 2% and 3%. Emily tested at 4%. Starts to get a bit astringent and harsh around 3%.

LA Cranberry:
Very sweet, candied cranberry. Hard candy texture. Kind of like a cranberry Jolly Rancher. Slight hairspray off note, even after steeping for 6 days. Maybe 5% was too high?
Tested at 5%

OOO Cranberry:
Cheeba thought it tasted like red liquorice, didn’t get cranberry from it at all. ID10-T thought was more like a reddish-purple berry than blatantly cranberry with Sweet Tart-ish body.

Herrlan Cranberry:
Very tart, a little sweet, does taste like cranberry juice. But actual cranberry flavour is soft. Not bold enough. A little harsh and warm. Maybe a little floral.

HS Apple Cinnamon Cranberry:
Flavourful, but soft at the same time. Cinnamon a little sharp. More cinnamon cranberry forward with less apple. Overall it didn’t seem unbalanced. No one flavour really rises above the rest.

HS Apple Mix (May be the same thing as HS Apple Cinnamon Cranberry?):

Similar to Emily’s description of HS ACC but ID10-T found apple note more prominent. Touch of slightly sharp cinnamon. Very reminiscent of powdered apple cider mix. Very autumnal.

Mustard Cider by fizzmustard

FLV Apple Cranberry:
Disappointingly not same cranberry note as FLV Cranberry. It’s tart, but sharp, a little floral, thin. Lacks brightness. Harsh to those sensitive. The apple part is good.
Pretty potent. 0.75% is plenty of flavour, but also pretty harsh.

LB Cranberry Cobbler (discontinued?):
Balance is off. Mostly a bready type crust with a little fruit. Cranberry isn’t bad. Has nice tartness. But a little bit floral. Bakery very textural. Doughy, but also has some crunch.
At 12% cranberry became pretty floral. At 10% floral note much better, still plenty of bready-ness.

Bickford Cranberry:
Pretty harsh. Not a lot of flavour. Maybe a little tartness. Not really any cranberry, berry or fruity flavour. A bit of a cardboard note.
Tested at 4%

WF Cranberry Cocktail:
ID10-T and Cheeba thought mostly tasted like cranberry juice but a touch fermented. Emily and Concrete didn’t get fermented note. Concrete thought was a pretty good fresh cranberry with really nice tartness. Emily thought was cooked cranberry with a lime note that seemed a little off.

Nic River Ocean Mist:
More of a grape juice or grape candy. It’s kind of similar to SC/FE Grape, which is like a grape Blow Pop. Didn’t get any cranberry from it. But it is a good grape.

SSA Cranberry Jam:
Really tasty and clearly cranberry. Like canned cranberry sauce. More emphasis on jammy sweetness than the cranberry. Cranberry flavour pretty soft. Jammy texture.

NF (Nature’s Flavors) Cranberry:
Pretty good. But pretty harsh. Nice bright cranberry flavour. Could do with more tartness. Comes across like a more natural cranberry sauce, minus the jammy texture.
Tested at 4%. Pretty flavourful. Maybe could start at 3-3.5%. May be less harsh?

FLV Cranberry:
Tastes like Ocean Spray cranberry juice. A little tart, quite sweet, smooth, juicy. Not really top heavy, has some juicy base and some syrupy body. Very robust. Can overrun a mix if not careful.
ID10-T tested up to 3%. Not a weak flavour, full flavoured from around 1-1.5%.





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