Vape Company Sued for Covid? | Wake Up with Wayne: Ep. 29

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In this episode of Wake Up with Wayne, there’s a ton of vape new on the docket. First up, I talk about how Michigan is going after vaping again, this time, in a manner that won’t get shut down by a judge. After that, I discuss how Marijuana is attracting the ANTI FLAVORISTS, and how they should’ve helped the vaping industry when they had the chance. Now it’s their turn. We then look at how British American Tobacco was caught giving away nicotine products to underage teens, which seems to be legal. Our cover story is how vaping companies may be help liable for Covid-19 susceptibility. Next we learn that Colorado has engaged in corruption with Philip Morris. Aussie Convience stores are mad at their gov for insane vapor policy.  We debate if Veggie Burgers are actually burgers. And finally, we created a new political party, aimed at laughing and ridiculing other political parties. All this and more on this insane Wake Up.

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