Lemon Bar // Beast Mode // The Orchard | Midweek Critique

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Reviewing Your DIY E-liquid Recipes

The DIY Cop – Lemon Bar (Winner)

The winner of this weeks Midweek Critique is The DIY Cop with his Lemon Bar recipe. This is a simple, and traditional take, on the classic lemon bar. To me it tends to taste more like a soft, lemon meringue pie, with a very light sugar crust. The lemon is sweet and bright, but lacking in tartness and saturation. This tends to drive the rest of the profile down a bit, where things just feel lacking. More of a focus on building a better lemon base will help the experience, as well as the accuracy of the recipe.

Final Score:

3 / 5

DeadDirty – The Orchard

Next is DeadDirty’s The Orchard, which aims to be a simple apple strawberry blend. This mix unfortunately falls a bit short on the flavor department. I don’t mind the simple profile, it’s the execution that fails. Utilizing CAP Double Apple and Strawberry Ripe seem to water things down way too much, creating a subtle, lacking, and boring flavor experience.

Final Score:

2 / 5

Morencyam – Beast Mode

Finally, we have Morencyam’s Beast Mode, which is a tropical fruit blend that’s meant to emulate the commercial juice of the same moniker. While I haven’t had the original, so I can’t score the recipe as a clone, as it’s own profile, it’s nice. The flavor has a nice tropical sense to it, but because there’s nothing driving the profile, everything is a bit too vague. Focusing on a single profile, and using the other tropicals to accent, will provide an overall better experience.

Final Score:

2.5 / 5




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