How to Clone E-liquid – Pt. 2 – Tips on Finding the Definitive Characteristic

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Last week we covered that the most important aspect of cloning is finding the “definitive characteristic”. Without it, we can never truly get the recipes accuracy close enough to the original to become persuasive. But finding this profile is half the battle. So here are some tips to help you define your source, to allow you to move to the next step which is translating that profile into flavorings.




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And those are my tips on helping you find the defining characteristics. Start out with using good hardware that will allow you to physically taste your recipes fully. Cover all your bases – which means don’t forget to look at the recipe in the most simple of terms. Don’t be afraid to fail, and learn from the mistakes. And pay attention to the slightest of details in your mix. Using these techniques will certainly allow you to find what makes certain profiles “tick” and when this is gained, you’ll be so much closer to the originals than anyone before you. Just keep mixing and you’ll get there!


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