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Soda DIY E-liquid Flavoring Reviews:

Bickford Lemon Lime:
MAY NOT BE SAFE TO VAPE? Mostly lemon lime. But lacks punch. Underwhelming. ID10-T got meat off note. Lingering greasy feel. Tastes like might contain an oil that’s not safe to vape?
ID10-T tested at 5%. Might have been too high? Cheeba tested at 4%

HC (Health Cabin) lemon Soda:
Metallic lemon candy. Attempt at effervescence comes off as metallic. Lemon candy on top. The metallic note comes in pretty quickly and continues through the vape.
Tested at 1%. May be better at a higher or lower %?

TFA Lemon Lime:
Starts out with a chemically, cleaning product type lemon. Finishes dry and harsh. Some sweet lime with some body in the middle. But it’s also plastic-y and waxy.

TFA Citrus Punch II:
Less accurate than the original to Mount. Dew. A little harsh. Tastes mostly like lemon peel with a little artificial lime behind it. Not at all fizzy. Not that sweet.

WF Champagne Soda
Very mediocre. Red liquorice and baby powder. Dry and powdery. Chemical twang, like the scent of baby powder. May be based on a candy? So maybe not meant to be a beverage?

NF (Nature’s Flavors) Lemon Lime:
Not a citrus soda. Top heavy, very zesty. More lime than lemon. Predominantly zest. Flavour fades out before the finish. The finish is dry. A little harsh.
Tested at 3%.

OOO Squirts Soda:
A fruit soda. Vague berry, fruity flavour combined with some sweetness and a little soda. Distinguishable as a soda, rather than a candy or something.

VT Lemonade:
A bit like Lemonhead candy. Sweet lemon with a little sharpness and acidity. Powdery-ness that does a pretty good job at emulating a bit of effervescence.
ID10_T found wasn’t full flavoured at 1.5%, starts to get weird around 2%. Bitter, oddly spicy at 3%. Cheeba thought it got weird around 3%.

VT Lemonade Clear:
A really good, bright, lemon-y, soda type flavour. Real lemon tartness. Good sweetness, but not too candy sweet. Not much fizziness, so more like an American lemonade.
Emily tested it at 3%.

OOO Lemon Lime Up Soda:
Mostly like 7up or Sprite. Mix of lime and lemon. A little effervescence. ID10-T found had waxy to soapy base had cinnamon note. Cheeba found it warm. Tesla got Pine Sol lemon.
ID10-T and Tesla tested at 5%. Maybe too high? Cheeba tested at 3%.

LB Dew Mountain/ Citrus Soda:
Captures flavour of Mount. Dew. But lacks bright top notes and base-y sweet bottom notes. Muted. No fizz. Not that sweet. Waxy or chalky. As a SF more of a candy than soda.
Emily tested at 6%

RF Lemon Lime Soda SC:
Thin, fairly harsh, even compared to other citrus flavours. A little metallic. Top note tastes a lot like Sprite. Base light in flavour and has gritty or fluffy feel. Dry.

DEL Mountain Dew Type:
Nice Mount. Dew flavour up front. But it’s pretty thin, lacks effervescence. Not particularly sweet. Mostly top notes.

TFA Citrus Punch:
Like a flat, generic, knock off Mount. Dew. But there’s something a little off about it. Needs more fizz. Not very sweet, a bit dry and harsh. Has a nice sharpness and very punchy.

INW Lemons Kick:
Genuinely fizzy. Very bright, flavourful. Not very sweet. Fizzy, lemon-y up front, touch of lime behind, like 7up. ID10-T got creamy base with a prominent vanilla. Emily didn’t get vanilla.

FA Aurora:
(Also discussed in Nonsense Names episode) Not a citrus soda by itself, but would make great component in one. Has fizziness, sharp. Heavy, realistic lime zest on top. Very bright.

Strawrora Limealis by HumanPuck (ATF):

VT Fizzy Sherbet:
Good component in a citrus soda mix as fizzy. Pretty accurate to sherbet candy, like Pixie Stix and Pop Rocks. Lemon-y. Bright, bold and punchy.

Fairy’s Finest Lemon Lime:
More zesty that like soda. A little more lemon forward than lime. Not particularly sweet. Pretty zesty. A bit harsh at 4%, might be a bit high? A bit dry.
Tested at 4%.

DEL Lemon Lime:
Sweet, syrupy. Like 7up syrup. Lime more prominent, but still pretty well balanced. Flavour gets a bit soft in the base, but it’s not thin. Still very syrupy sweet. Flat, no fizz.

CAP Lemon Lime:
Very similar to DEL Lemon Lime. Like 7up syrup. CAP a bit sweeter, deeper, more vibrant, punchier tartness. Doesn’t get softer on finish. Thick, syrupy, sweet, candied. Very versatile.

OOO Cactus Soda:
Really good effervescence. The cactus is a little bit like INW Cactus, not aloe-y. A little bit juicy and wet, but not as much as INW. Couldn’t use it in the same way as INW to add wetness.
Tested at 3%

WF Lemon Lime Soda:
Like Sprite or 7up. Some effervescence. Powdery, but not dry. Very sweet, very bright. Very much a soda. But it’s lacks punch. More base-y, lacks the bright top notes.
Good at 2%. At 4% overly powdery and a bit soapy.

FW Max Dew/ Citrus Soda:
ID10-T thought most accurate Mount. Dew flavour. Slight effervesence-ish. Flavour slightly soft. Very, very sweet. Tesla got celery off note and flavour was weak Maybe used too low?
ID10-T tested at 3%. Tesla tested it at a lower %

FLV Citrus Soda:
Really is fizzy. Very robust and complete. Doesn’t taste like any soda in particular. Maybe in between 7up and Mount. Dew? Lemon lime soda with some orange. Delicious, bright, full bodied.

nitriVenus by matthewkocanda (ATF)

Yoda Soda by Staybert (ATF)
Citrapple Soda by Staybert (ATF)

Bert’s Soda Base (ATF)





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