How to Clone E-liquid: Part 1 – Defining Characteristics

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Cloning E-liquid

This is the first part of the cloning series. The idea of this is to help you understand the process of cloning, the differences between cloning and remixing, and the difficult skills required to clone effectively. Hopefully by the end of this series, you’ll be able to (maybe) effectively clone your favorite commercial e-liquid.

So What is Cloning?

The first thing we need to do is understand what a clone is, because it’s very important to understand what’s expected. A clone is an emulation, a 1:1. Just because someone says a recipe is a clone, does not mean it’s an actual clone. Therefore, there are currently 0 known clones available.

Why this is, is something we’ll get to. Now, many of the “clones” we see online are actually what DIYorDIE likes to call “Remixes”. These are a mixers interpretation of an original source. So if I do not have the recipe to Cuttwoods Unicorn Milk, and I attempt to recreate it, I’m actually creating a “remix” of it.

This is of course semantics, but again, it’s important to make the distinction. It’s the expectation, and the goal, that is important. So the goal of a clone is to RECREATE the original source. Your plan is not to create something better, nor make something similar or of the same profile. A remix gives you much more creative liberties and freedom, not being constrained by the prison of emulation.

Defining Characteristic

So I’ve discussed the idea of the “Defining Characteristic” many times before. In cloning & remixing, it’s the most important aspect. It’s the difference between something being “close” to something being “clone”. So what is the Defining Characteristic?




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