The Winner of the Chefs Flavours MixOff is….

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All Hail the King of DIY…

Well well well…I think no one is surprised I came out on top. Science and data has now determined, without a shred of doubt, that I am the best, most handsome, most dominate, most alpha, and best of all, most egotistical mixer on both sides of the globe. I will continue to walk this path of glory for ages to come.
Shout out to Chefs, Lewis Barnett, Karl Andrew Owen, and of course my formidable opponent Nick Evans.
In all seriousness, it was actually a pretty tough challenge, and the results are a lot closer than I would’ve guessed. Great fun, and all for a good cause. This was done strictly for the DIY Community, and hopefully something that can continue to help motivate other mixers to push themselves. All for a good cause in the end. Thank you to everyone who participated. Here’s to the DIY world, easily the best community to be apart of in vaping, period!

Here is my submission (Winner)

Here is Nevans submission (Loser)


If you enjoyed this Mixoff Competition, and would like to see more of it, be sure to head to and support them by picking up some of your DIY e-liquid flavorings and base there, along with my ENYAWREKLAW One-Shots and Nevans Epic-Shots. Chef’s is one of the best companies in all of vaping, who have supported the DIY community fully, their entire existence. They are simply the best, and for them to put this competition on, at no profit to them, is truly amazing. So support them. We need more Chef’s in the world.


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