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Cereal DIY E-liquid Flavor Notes:

HC Cereal:
Not really cereal. A bready, crisp, toast flavour up front. May be a hint of corn? Sugar and butter underneath. Very butiric. Prominent vomit off note.

OOO Cookie Cs Cereal:
Butiric. Nothing like Cookie Crisp cereal, or a cookie at all. Tastes like a little bit of cocoa in some spoiled milk.

OOO Golden Greats Cereal:
Sickeningly sweet. Honey and brown sugar notes, accurate to Golden Grahams. A little bakery beneath. But ruined by butiric. Inaccurate touch of spice.

OOO Cinnamon Crunch V2:
Mostly vinyl plastic off note. A lot of a powdered sugar type sweetness. Hint of vague nuttiness and a little touch of spice that might be cinnamon. No cereal, just plastic.

OOO Captain Cereal:
Does really taste like Capt. Crunch, but only around the edges. The main body of the flavour is like the resulting fumes from plastic and brown sugar melted together.
Tested at 3%, steeped for 6 days.

MB Classic Cornflakes:
Corn cereal base. ID10-T got a cat pee off note that was more prominent than the cereal. Very floral honey. Skittersmurf (SS) thought it was kind of like Fruit Loops mixed with rotten fruit.
SS and ID10-T both tested it at 2% and 4%.

FLV Crunch Cereal:
ID10-T got sweet fried mushrooms. SS got yeast and dish soap. A hint of fruitiness. But mostly yeast. Cheeba also got yeast.

OOO Cocoa Stones V1:
Slightly burnt chocolate. Odd fruity sweetness. Thick creamy base. No cereal at all. Pretty moist.

OOO Cocoa Stones V2:
Not chocolate-y or cocoa-y. Something vaguely chocolate-y about it. But mostly tastes like dirt with a non specific fruity sweetness.

OOO Rice Ks Cereal:
NOT SAFE TO VAPE? May contain Guaiacol, apparently an extremely toxic product. Tastes unpleasantly smokey. Mostly caramel with a little dry bakery underneath.

Nic Vape Oat Circles:

Like smoked honeycomb cereal. Does taste like a honey flavoured cereal. But too much honey. A little floral. Also a little smokey. Bit of grainy cereal. Powdery finish, like powdery candy.
Tested at 1.5% and 3%

FW Crunch Cereal:
SS got prominent coconut note. ID10-T didn’t get coconut. Like a vanilla marshmallow covered in toasted breadcrumbs. Doesn’t taste bad, but not cereal.
SS tested at 2% and 4%. ID10-T tested at 3% and 4%. Starts to get a little earthy at 4%.

TFA Crunchy Cereal:
Nothing like cereal. ID10-T thought it was like a bad vanilla marshmallow flavour and gets a little sour and cheesy when % pushed up. Thick. At 4% SS thought it tasted like Juicy Fruit gum.

TFA Cocoa Rounds:
Definite cereal note. At 4% SS thought was very accurate to Cocoa Puffs with no milk. Emily, Cheeba and ID10-T thought chocolate was Tootsie Roll-ish.

OOO Baked Honey Oats Cereal:
Mostly a really nice sweet, sticky, dark, honey-ish sweetness. Very light bakery/cereal-ish note. Not Honey Nut Cheerios, more wholesome. At 3% ID10-T got maple note, but he’s sensitive.
Emily tested it at 3%. ID10-T tested it at 1.5% and 3%.

WF Puff Cereal (Cocoa):
Pleasant flavour. Nice texture. Needs more chocolate. Overall very soft. Has the rice, a little sweetness, but not a lot of cocoa.
Tested at 4%

OOO Peanut Butter Balls Cereal:
No cereal or peanut butter. But a good red skin, roasted peanut. Deep peanut flavour with a little touch of skin. A touch of sweetness and maltiness, also not salty. But otherwise pretty accurate.
Very weak at 4%. At 8% was a full flavoured.

FA Breakfast Cereals:
ID10-T and Emily got coconut. Very wholesome, natural, hippy-ish. Not very sweet. dry, toasted honey oat cereal with a lot of coconut. Good texture. At 6% got some chocolate and nut.
Even at 4% was very weak

DEL Cereal Base:
A pretty solid corn/bran flakes. A little bit sweet. Has some texture, but missing some crunch. A little dry, but very smooth. Pretty versatile. But lacking direction as both bran and corn flakes.
Tested at 5%

FLV Tricks Cereal:
(Discussed in more detail in the Fruity Cereals episode last week.) SS found it very spicy at 4%. Really lingered in the wick.

TFA Sweet Cereal Flakes (may also be known as Sweet Corn Flakes?)
Emily thought frosted note great. Almost has tongue coating, powdery feel. Like frosted Bran Flakes. ID10-T got Raisin Bran without raisins. He got no frosting, found it cardboard-y.

TFA Lucky Leprechaun:
No real cereal. Mostly dehydrated cereal marshmallow. Marshmallow plastic-y in an artificial, fake way. Some body, thick. Dry, like dehydrated marshmallow. Not harsh. Light hint of cereal.

WF Puff Cereal (Frosted):
Same rice note as WF Puff Cereal (Cocoa). Got more milk than the cocoa version. Really good texture. A little frosting, but needs more. Overall a fairly light flavour.

MB Crunch Cereal:
At 2% barely any flavour. At higher % get corn/rice mix, but still not very bold. Unpleasant slimy, funky finish.

PUR Cereal:
In between bran and corn flakes. Dark, a bit nutty. A dark sweetness, not quite honey. Tastes pretty wholesome. Has some texture, could be more crispy. But isn’t mushy.

TFA Honey Circles:
Dry, oat or multi grain cereal. A touch of honey that tastes baked in. No nuttiness. Honey gets sharper and more floral at higher %s. Also gets far too strong.
Potent. Probably don’t want to use over 1%. Plenty of flavour at 0.5%

OOO Honey Puffs:

Great, lighter, brighter honey note. Almost like honeycomb. Very sweet. Not very dry or crispy, but not mushy either. Has some graininess. But the main note is the honey.
Tested at 3%. Seems a good % for it.

TFA Rice Crunchies:
(Lost some audio) Cardboard up front with an authentic, dry Rice Crispies finish. Really great texture. Versatile and useful ingredient.
SS tested at 4%.

SSA (Sobucky Super Aromas) Classic Oat Flakes:
Dry oatmeal. Genuine oat top note then a bland base. Touch of darker sweetness. As SF very boring, but as an ingredient has so many potential uses.
Tested at 0.5%. Plenty of flavour, very potent.

OOO Oatmeal:
Kind of similar to SA Classic Oat Flakes, but it’s more bland and mushy. Not like just eating plain oats.

TP (Tasty Puff) Oat and Honey Cereal:
Pretty authentic Honey Nut Cheerios. A little heavy handed on the honey. Lacks some crunch. Cereal tastes like Cheerios. Accurate nut note.
Tested at 2% and 3%.

OOO Marshmallow Cereal:
Authentic Lucky Charms. Accurate bland, lightly sweetened, oaty cereal note with dehydrated marshmallow. Dry, needs some milk.
Have to use at around 8% to get full flavour. Weak in concentration.

CNV (Chemnovatic) Corn Flake:
A really good plain Corn Flake. No off notes from 2-4%. No milk, no sweetness.
Tested at 2% and 4%

FLV Cinnamon Crunch:
(Lost some audio) Pretty close to Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Toasty wheat cereal with cinnamon and sugar. Not sweet enough. Same cinnamon as FLV Rich Cinnamon. Imperfections increase versatility.
Above 3% ID10-T got maple off note.

CAP Cereal 27:
(Lost some audio) Boring as SF but very useful. Essential to own, even if you don’t want to vape cereals. Like a less aggressive, more forgiving, sweeter TFA AP. Very versatile. Adds crunchy texture.





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