Tobacco…25? / No, Not Whitmer / Stop-Tober! | Wake Up with Wayne: Ep. 26

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Is it time to Stop…Tober?

In this episode of Wake Up, I discuss how Gov. Whitmer is coming back for the vapes, despite losing hilariously prior. We dive into how New York is considering implementing “Tobacco 25”. That’s correct, 21 isn’t enough. They now want more control over full grown adults. Lastly, I discuss StopTober and how I’ll be participating in it. All this and more on Wake Up with Wayne.

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  1. Gotta love how states & the feds are forcing a stop-tober on any safe alternatives.
    ” Buy what we tax to oblivion or suffer”
    I’ve been able to only vape at home for around a year now, only reason for attempting that was bugs or dust, etc were getting into my mouthpiece while out & about.
    Obviously you don’t want that crud in your vape/having to take down the atty for cleaning everytime you return home so I suffered through the relatively easy withdrawal via tic tacs.
    Quiting cigs was only easier because I had the vape & had grown so disgusted with my five pack a day habit.
    If the gov’t gets their way (a total ban via administrative orders, combined with tyrannical laws) I’m going to be a VERY unhappy individual.
    Some change has to be made where instead of having appointees, things like the fda, atf, etc will have their heads put to the ballot yearly.
    Granted one can do alot of damage in a year but maybe with a loaded plate they won’t be able to push through corporate sponsored agendas so easily.

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