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The Best Week Yet

Rin Vapes – Autumn Memories  WINNER

RinVapes of the Mixin Vixens decided to send her recipe in for critique. She sent in a Pumpkin Cream “Trifle” like recipe. And boy does it not disappoint. The profile is a light pumpkin with pumpkin spice notes like cardamom, nutmeg, light cinnamon, etc, atop a bed of lightly whipped vanilla cream, and light sponge cake. First off, Riv mixes quite lightly, and this recipe showcases that. It’s not an in your face smash of flavor, but a more impressionistic experience. This usually scores negatively, but this mix actually pulls it off quite nicely and something a touch of sweetener can’t fix. What’s excellent about this mix is its balance. The pumpkin spice is perfectly laid in, and the creams are fluffy. There isn’t too much bakery, though. So don’t expect a true Trifle like flavor experience. Overall, it’s delicious and the name suits it perfectly.

Final Score:

3.75 / 5

Eyem2Srus – Drippin Churries

Sam here has sent in his cherry recipe. This was a very surprising flavor. It utilizes flavorings like MB Red Cherry and INW Cherries, along with some pear, apricot, and lemon, to give a delicious cherry experience. I found it tastes like a very saturated cherry popsicle. And the saturation is really where things shine. It oozes with cherry flavor. I also really love the use of FLV Moscato to bring the cherries out more and add a layer of refreshing depth to them. A really ingenious flavor bend. Unfortunately, the Moscato does add a bit of florality to the profile that can be borderline medicinal. A bit of refinement can bring that in. Overall, really impressive.

Final Score:

3.75 / 5

Slushy – PB Grape Shake

Finally, we have Slushy with his rendition of a Peanut Butter, Grape, Milkshake. Boy is this a fun recipe. I personally taste a great Peanut Butter and Grape flavor, with both profiles nicely balanced between each other. What’s impressive about this is that PB&J is usually done quite poorly. Not this recipe. It chooses the correct grape and PB ingredients, and the addition of the creams create a more rich and deep experience. It’s extremely sweet, though. Almost too sweet. It also needs a bit of refinement in terms of cohesion. It just feels the “Shake” part is unnecessary and seems to distract from the PB. Making the PB a bit more textured would help tremendously. Overall, one of the better PB&J recipes I’ve tried and can’t wait to see it refined.

Final Score:

4 / 5





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  1. Any chance someone has figured out or attempted Black Axis Peachy Keen?
    I’m trying to find a recipe before I run out. I wasn’t able to obtain any info from them so I’m SOL on that front.

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