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Cereal DIY E-liquid Flavor Notes:

OOO Raisin Flakes V1:
Cardboard topped with cooked plum. Not authentic to Raisin Bran. Base is straight up cardboard. A little light and dry. Not a bold flavour. Has a little of the mustiness raisins have.

OOO Raisin Flakes V2:
More accurate than V1, but probably less versatile. Like sweetened, soggy Raisin Bran. Cereal a bit cardboard-y but has nutty, malty, bran flavour. Missing milk and some crispy texture.

OOO Fruity Stones V2:
May not be safe to vape? Separates very quickly. Strong cherry plastic and lemon Pledge cleaner off notes. Also strong savoury old fryer grease off note and aftertaste.

OOO Slix Balls Cereal:
Supposed to be Trix cereal. Has a fruitiness with a rotten, putrid note. Like a fruity dumpster! Has a maltiness that is like Trix cereal. Powdery texture. The lemon is too Pledge-y.
Tested at 1%

River Supply Fruit Crunch:
Some light cereal flavour with a marshmallow or frosting-ish coating. Strong floral off note. At 2% and above has waxy, suntan loation-ish off note.
Tested at 1%, 2% and 3%

Tasty Puff Fruit Circles Cereal:
Funky. The fruit note wasn’t lemon as you’d expect from Fruit Loops. At 3% was more like candy than fruit.
Tested at 3%

Bickford Fruit Circles:
DYY gets chemical-ish off note from all Bickford which is prominent in this flavour. No cereal. Lemon note, at 3% starting to go Pledge-y.
Tested at 1% and 3%

TFA Silly Rabbit Cereal:
DYY thought was bit floral. Sharp, almost vinegary and rind-like off notes. All off notes at 3%. ID10-T thought was like a slightly soapy Trix. Lacks cereal texture and mellow at 2%.
DYY tested at 1%,and 3%. ID10-T tested at 2%.

PUR Fruit Circles with Milk:
DYY thought it was pretty similar to PUR Fruit Circles but with milk that is slightly expired.

PUR Fruit Circles:
Cereal is like freezer burnt cardboard. The fruit isn’t very bold. DYY got floral off notes. Emily got funky earthiness. She found it to be very muddled with a harsh, grainy lemon.
DYY tested from 0.5% to 2%. Emily tested at 5%

OOO Fruity Stones V4:
Lemon citrus, no real cereal flavour.

OOO Fruity Stones V1:
Citrus forward, and not a great citrus. No cereal or texture. Some fruit other than citrus, but wasn’t prominent enough to identify specifically.

OOO Fruity Stones V3:
Very citrus heavy. DYY thought citrus tasted cheap. No cereal. 0.5% was pretty strong. ID10-T thought was extremely Pledge-y. No cereal. Bitter and unpleasant aftertaste.
DYY tested at 0.5%. ID10-T tested at 2.5%. Cheeba tested at 3.5%

OOO Fruity Hoops V2:
ID10-T got lemon Medicine. DYY got floral, medicinal cherry off note. At 1% he got a cherry note but no lemon or citrus. Cheeba got some lemon at 3%. But it was pretty mellow.
DYY tested at 1%. Cheeba tested at 3%.

OOO Fruity Hoops V3:
No cereal, no texture. No fruits besides pledge-y lemon. Plastic vinyl off note. Bitter finish, like eating asprin.
ID10-T tested at 2.5%
26.34 and 30.36

OOO Fruity Hoops V1:
May not be safe to vape? Very milky in colour, even after a steep. ID10-T got lemon Pledge followed by lingering old fryer grease on the finish. DYY got straight lemon Pledge.

OOO Frosted Froops:
Supposed to be Fruit Hoops. Funky fruit flavour with a cardboard cereal. Very bland. If pushed any higher to get more flavour the funky off note would probably get worse.
Tested at 3%.

OOO Fruity Hoops V4:
Distinguishable cereal note or perhaps a light bakery base. Tastes baked. Lemon a bit Pledge-y, but not overly offensive. At higher %s DYY got a floral note, almost cherry-ish.

FLV Tricks Cereal:
Like Trix cereal with mushrooms. The Trix flavour is pretty accurate, but underneath is mushrooms. At 0.5% DYY got a pretty dark cereal note. But no fruit or berry.
ID10-T tested it at 0.25%, 0.5%, 0.75% and 1%. DYY tested at 0.5%.

Tasty Puff Apple Cracks Cereal:
Hint of apple and cinnamon up front. The apple seemed like red/green mix. Doughy flavour, rather than cereal. At higher %s doughy note buried everything else.

OOO Apple Hoops V2:
ID10-T thought was like eating Apple Jacks by a tyre fire. DYY got burnt note at 1%. At 0.5% no burnt note and a pretty good cereal note. More of an oat cereal or oatmeal than a cereal.

Tasty Puff Fruity Stones Cereal:
Not a lot of fruity flavour. Pretty good cereal texture. Could be sweeter. A little citrus, maybe some berry. The actual concentrate is very dark.
Tested at 4%

TFA Fruit Circles with Milk:
Accurately Pledge-y. No cereal. Lacks texture. Milk very sweet. A bit more like vanilla whipped cream that has been left out a little too long. It’s not too bad overall though.

FW Fruity Flakes:
CONTAINS SUGAR SYRUP. Not safe to vape. ID10-T thought it’s very accurate to Fruity Pebbles. Maybe slightly too lemon-y. Emily thought was too harsh, too citrus forward and too Pledge-y.

FW Apple Jacks/ Apple Rings Cereal/ Apple Js Cereal:
CONTAINS CINNAMON OIL. Like a knock-off, stale Apple Jacks. Very carboard-y. Stale tasting. Cinnamon on the finish, but also has a clove note above 3%.

DIYFS Interstellar:
At 0.5% a good marshmallow cereal note. At 1% was really authentic to Lucky Charms. The marshmallow was great. The cereal was really good, not at all cardboard-y. No off notes.
Tested at 0.5% and 1%

OOO Apple Hoops V1:
Not very accurate. Has a citrus note. No cereal. But it is pretty tasty. The apple and cinnamon were pretty good. More like an apple cider than an apple cereal.

PUR Strawberry Marshmallow Cereal:
Frosted cereal note. Dehydrated strawberry, like you’d expect in a cereal. Reminiscent of Strawerry Cheerios, but like a Strawberry Frosted Cheerios.
Tested at 1% and 3%. Starts to shine around 3%.

CAP Apple Snacks:
Very accurate. Slightly overcooked or toasted. The cereal flavour, texture, apple, cinnamon, are very authentic. Could be a little sweeter. DYY got prominent butter note, but nobody else did.
Starts to get a bit overly toasted at 6%. Get plenty of flavour at 4-5%.

DEL Fruity Flakes:
Just the fruity flavour, without the cereal, milk or sugar notes. Tastes a bit like Pez. But fruity flavour is pretty accurate to Fruity Pebbles.

DEL Fruity Flakes Complete:
The original with cereal and milk. Nobody had tried it. But seems like it could potentially be a good option for a Fruity Pebbles recipe?

FW Fruity Rings:
Very bold, in your face Fruit Loops flavour. Pretty accurate. Sweet, slightly grainy. Lemon a bit Pledge-y, but accurately so. Has some cereal, but could do with moore.
Above 2.5% gets overly Pledge-y. 1.5-2% a good spot. Even lower if not using as a main note.

TFA Fruit Circles:
Cereal base accurate, but a bit understated. DYY and Cheeba thought it’s a pretty solid Fruit Loops. Good frosting note. Emily and ID10-T thought it’s too Pledge-y.
Pretty potent. Use around 0.5-1%. Needs a weeks steep.

TFA Berry Crunch Cereal:
The top note is very authentic to Crunch Berry and finishes with a perfect grainy, corny, dry cereal base. ID10-T and Emily got prominent mushroom off note. Cheeba and DYY didn’t.

FW Crunch Fruit Cereal/Crunchy Berry Cereal/Crunchy Cereal with Berries:
Very accurate, really nails Capt. Crunch flavour. Hint of earthiness, but easily coverable. A bit dry, but just enough for a dry cereal and gives it a crunchy texture.

CAP (Silverline) Fruit Circles:
DYY thought was very accurate, ID10-T and Emily thought more like a generic brand. Accurate, sugar glazed cereal base. Mix of artificial citrus and berry. Some graininess and creaminess.
Pretty weak, % has to be cranked up like most Silverline flavours.






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