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Midweek Critique’s Victims

Sanctum – Creamy Strawberry V2 – WINNER

This recipe takes the win. This is the second time Sanctum has sent in a recipe for Midweek, with this latest submission being a V2 of his last submission. And thankfully, it’s better! Where the original lacked was in the presence of the creams. Things were a touch too watery, the creams were too light, and it certainly didn’t taste like a custard (which was the original profile). This version refines that cream base, creating a more thick and vivid finish, and drops the “custard” profile altogether, which now makes the recipe more accurate. Overall, a really tasty Strawberry Cream

Final Score:

4 / 5

Vapor Odyssey – PB & Strawnana

Vapor Odyssey is back on Midweek, this time with a new dessert. PB Strawnana is exactly what it sounds like. Peanut Butter, Strawberry, and Banana. What this recipe accomplishes is bringing all the flavor notes. I taste it all. Unfortunately, it’s all very vague. Everything tastes like an impression. An impression of PB, an impression of Strawberry, an impression of Banana. Because nothing is refined, it all comes across pretty vague. A little more of a focused recipe, will help greatly.

Final Score:

3 / 5

ImJustSayian РRaspberry Cheesecake 

Newer mixer ImJustSayian submits his Raz Cheesecake. A very simple mix utilizing the Noted Cheesecake trinity, along with a simple Raspberry blend. The recipe is “fine”. Everything is there, I can taste all the notes and I don’t pick up any off-notes. But the recipe is very safe, unoriginal, and soft. More of a unique raspberry top note, or a much more vibrant finish, would help this stand out and be more exciting. While it tastes “fine”, it’s certainly not something I’d reach for.

Final Score:

2.5 / 5




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