Blue Raspberry 🔵 [ Noted: Ep. 169 ]

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Blue Raspberry DIY Flavor Notes:

FW Razzleberry:

A very candied raspberry. But doesn’t have that distinctive taste that makes blue raspberry blue. A good candied raspberry though.

FW Blue Ice:

Not blue raspberry. It’s FW Blueberry with some menthol. Fairly well balanced. Neither element overwhelms the other.

TFA Blue Raspberry:

Somewhere between 5-7% it goes from tasting like nothing to blue raspberry Jolly Rancher flavoured hair spray. Lingering chemical aftertaste.

Silver Cloud Estates Blue Raspberry:

Floral, perfumey. Not blue raspberry. More like a currant or gooseberry. Not candied. Tart. Funky, almost savoury quality. Like FA Bilberry Ripe mixed with dirt. Dark, organic and earthy.
(SCE available at DIY Vapour supply, rebranded as Sterling Cloud)

MB Blue Rock Candy:

ID10-T got raspberry banana candy with a touch of koolada. Weird. RUG_ly liked it. Got strong citrus, some cooling, not much berry. Something juicy and dark that’s berry-ish. No banana.
Weak in concentration, especially for the price.

Fairy’s Finest Blue Raspberry:

CONTAINS FOOD COLOURING. Does taste like blue razz up front. But very soft. Lacks punch. ID10-T and RUG_ly got soapiness at higher %s.
RUG_ly tested at 3%. Any higher than 3% had prominant soapy off note.

FW Blue Raspberry:

ID10-T thought tasted like blue razz. But slightly bitter on top and slightly soapy in base. Could be covered? Pretty flavourful. RUG_ly thought lacks body and bottom note. More like a blue cherry. Not very sweet.
Around 4% seems to be the sweet spot.

CAP Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy:

Very sweet. Very prominent cotton candy flavour and aftertaste. Works great for cotton candy main note. Some blue raspberry. At 5% like Captain Crunch cereal (see recipe below).
Wouldn’t go any higher than 3% for a cotton candy main note. Gets a little bitter/burnt or acetyl pyrazine-y at higher %s. 1.5-2% as a sweetener for candy berries.
18.41 and 22.34


Oops All Berries by RUG_ly (ATF)

EUR (Euro Flavors) Blue Raspberry:

Bold. Accurate to blue razz candy. Tangy and sweet. Above average blue razz top note. Odd powdery, chalkiness, like Sweet Tarts, that could limit versatility. Really nice mouthfeel.
ID10-T found it slightly chemically at 6%. At 3% flavour much lighter. Probably a sweet spot somewhere between 3% and 6%. RUG_ly got acidic quality above 4%, below that very pleasant.

OOO Square Candy Blue Rasperry (Not OOO Blue Raspberry Candy):

Blue raspberry flavour very light. But taffy/ Starburst candy base is really good. Smooth, sweet, thick, kind of chewy. Blue raspberry can be covered in a mix to use just for the taffy base.

OOO Blue Raspberry Candy (Not OOO Square Candy Blue Rasperry):

More base-y, not very bold. Lacks brightness. After a few days steep has palate coating quality. Nice sticky sweetness, very syrupy. ID10-T found it harsh, even after 5-6 days steep.

LB Blue Raspberry:

Fairly bold at 7%, but could be bolder. Sweet. A little flat, not much nuance. A bit thin. Artificial candy raspberry, tastes a bit blue. Like an off brand blue raspberry. Not bad overall though.
Use up to around 6-7%. Gets grassy.

OSDIY Blue Raspberry Slush:

Very sticky sweet and basey. Lacks tart, bright top note. Syrupy base very accurate to a blue slush. Really great mouthfeel. Flavour overall quite soft, not super vibrant.
Weak in concentration. Need to crank it up to around 8%.


Blue Frost Revisited by Apexified (ATF)
Blue Frost by Apexified (ATF)
36.09 and 37.22

FLV Blue Raspberry (Pre-release flavour, not yet on the market):

Full flavoured, but not complete. Very base-y, deep. Almost rich. Lacks some tartness. But thick and sweet. Robust. Definitely blue raspberry, very blue.
At 3% was good. At 4% off notes were threatening to appear. Seemed like it would turn a bit uncandied, gooseberry-like around 5%.

WF Sour Blue Raspberry Candy:

Not sour, but a little tart. Bright. No base-y notes. Top heavy. Great initial blue raspberry flavour, but trails off into a bland, sweet, thickness. Very, very sweet, likely contains sucralose.
Not an SC so need to use between around 5-7%. Gets soapy if pushed to high.

Nic Vape Blue Razz:

Dark blue cough syrup. Weird artificial grape notes. Sickly sweet. Tastes like Dimetapp medicine.





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