New Flavoring Line – Sobucky Super Aromas

Sobucky Super Aromas are here!

You might be asking, why would I choose these flavorings over the original Molinberry line? Well the answer would be cost! Sobucky Super Aromas are coming in at almost $2 dollars less than Molinberry. While pricing for SSA can reach up to $2.29 (these are Bull City prices), the majority of the line comes in at only $1.69. This is nearly $2 dollars less than Molinberry’s $3.69 prices for the same amount. So for those looking for more options at a much more competitive price, SSA could be a great choice.

Unfortunately, I’ve only just started my testing of them. I have not decided if that drop in pricing equates to a sacrifice in quality. That said, for the price, I would already recommend you keep an eye on them. So stay tuned to hear more about these brand new flavorings. And also be sure to subscribe to the DIYorDIE Mixers Membership to get the notes when they release.

Pick up Sobucky Super Aromas here (US)

Pick up Sobucky Super Aromas here (UK)




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  1. I’d never heard of Sobucky until recently when the SSA’s popped up (and I found out that Chemnovatic + Sobucky = Molinberry!?) Is anyone else’s mind blown over this!? Beside the fact, I’m really impressed with SSA so far. The quality is undoubtedly way up there with what you’d expect from Molinberry, who have been doing some excellent stuff of late. I can personally recommend their Ice Cream, Ice Cream Vanilla and the Baked Apple. Others have raved over Raspberry Syrup, Milky Caramel Fudge, the Cherries (both flavours) and the chocolates. And the whipped cream is apparently the best. So, what are you waiting for!?

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