Cones [ Noted: Ep. 168 ]

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Cone DIY Flavor Notes:

WF Sugar Cone:
Like a generic brand cone. Has bright sweetness. A little dry, good crunchiness. ID10-T and Emily got plastic off note. But can be covered in recipes. Sam and Cheeba didn’t get plastic.
ID10-T and Emily tested at 2%. Emily has let it steep for a month in the past and still got plastic off note. Cheeba and Sam tested at 3%.

FW Waffle Cone:

A good waffle, but a bad waffle cone. Has a buttery maple that really pushes it towards being a waffle. Lacks crunch. Really good maple, not artificial. Could be used as a cone in a mix where maple wouldn’t be out of place or covered.

OOO Caramel Cone:
Almost a one shot. A very good, bright caramel. A bit of crunchy cone, needs more. Some creamy vanilla, but lacks the full thickness and richness of ice cream. A good base for a mix.
Tested at 3% and 4% which may have been a bit low. Might be better at higher %. Maybe around 8% if there are off notes that high?

WF Crispy Wafer SC:
Not exactly a cone, a wafer or like a cheap wafer style cone. A fairly light, but good vanilla. Crispy, sweet. Easily overpowered by bolder flavours.
ID10-T suggests using at 1.5% or below for an ice cream cone as it changes at 2%, gets buttery. But Sam tested it at 3% and he and Cheeba didn’t get any butteriness.

OOO Sugar Cone:

Drumstick type sugar cone. A delicate flavour, easily overpowered in a mix. Sweet, nice dry-ness, crispy texture. A bit top heavy, finishes pretty soft. Works well backed up with WF Crispy Wafer.
Tested at 3%. Light in flavour, even at 3%


Rin’s Ice Cream Cone by mixinvixens (ATF)

Taco Tuesday by RedWagonVapes (ATF)

Cornish Cornet by Statch (ATF)

Vanilla Waffle Cone by soulchkn (ATF)

For Funsies by EyeMSam (ATF)

MlNikon’s Drumstick by mixinvixens (ATF)

BRDZ Peach & Apricot by BRDZ (ATF)

Drumsticks #mixinvixens by corvape (ATF)

The Green Man by Vapethoven (ATF)

Mister Softee by Deejay_Mills (ATF)




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