Developed: PMTA: Now The Wait Begins [ Blood Orange Sherbet ]

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  1. Holy shit. This is literally the 2nd best recipe I have EVER mixed up. I mean it. Finally here is a combination that will never leave me lacking for flavor. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking “my mouth must be broken”, but it’s not… it was just waiting for this fucking masterpiece.

    I usually don’t dig Orange flavors all that much, but this one is different. It’s simple but classy, potent but not overwhelming. It’s orangey but not at all a “dumb” orange flavor. I mixed it up without the WS-23, and there’s not an off-note to be found within 500 miles. If you have ever felt like most recipes aren’t strong enough to satiate your wimpy taste buds, THIS one might just change your life.

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