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NorcalVapin РTahitian Soda 

This is an excellent soda. The recipe has very close vibes to Staybert’s sodas, which have been some of my favorite recipes in the last year or so. It utilizes the FLV Citrus Soda, which no soda should be without, as well as PUR Country Apple and a few other berry flavorings. Combined, it produces a vivid, and extremely accurate Fruit Punch soda, that’s sweet, yet effervescent and refreshing. It’s an excellent blend from an experienced mixer that you shouldn’t wait to mix up.

Final Score:

4 / 5

DrkRaven – Chocolate Banana Butterscotch Drizzle Cheesecake

Next up is DrkRavens’ Chocolate Banana Butterscotch Drizzle Cheesecake. This was a surprisingly tasty mix. The recipe utilizes VT Banana Custard and Chocolate Mousse, which when combined, produce a delicious banana chocolate base that’s rich and decadent. This is then followed by FLV Butterscotch to add some extra depth to the graham cracker base in the cheesecakes that follow. The recipe oozes with richness. It’s almost¬†too rich, which was a critique of mine. It seems the 4 different cheesecakes just add too much of a rich flavor, and it ends up really flooding out the rest of the profile. This then also hurts the accuracy, since it’s less cheesecake, and more rich cream. Nonetheless, it’s a tasty mix that you can’t miss.

Final Score:

3.5 / 5

The_DIY_Cop – Blueberry Peach Gummy V2

Last, we have the DIY Cop’s latest recipe, Blueberry Peach Gummy. I do want to note, it was specified to me that this was this mixers only second recipe he’s created, so keep that in mind. This recipe goes after exactly what the name entails. It utilizes WF Blueberry Gummy as well as CAP Blueberry Jam, along with FLV Peach Gummy and some other accents to help build the profile out. Unfortunately, it falls short thanks to the CAP Blueberry Jam. It’s a musky blueberry that clashes far too heavily with the “candied” profile. It also provides an earthy, unpleasant off-note that’s hard to look past. Finally, the addition of 3% Power Sour does nothing but mute and muddle the recipe. There is potential, but it needs to head back to the drawing board.

Final Score:

2 / 5



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